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The Organizational Items Every Home Needs

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There are many ways to organize the many rooms in our homes, filled with our many belongings, but today, I’m am going to go over the top ones, room by room. If you’re wondering how to get organized at home, I’m here to help.

These are the items I think even the most disorganized people should own, in order to create, well, order!

How to Get Organized at Home

How to get organized at home - Splendry

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Organizational Tools For The Entryway

  • Hooks: When we enter our homes, we have purses, coats, keys, backpacks and other items that need a place to hang. Hooks on a decorative board, within a piece of organizational furniture, as part of a coat rack or drilled right into the wall will keep a mess from forming on the floor.
  • Baskets: Similarly, for the possessions that won’t/can’t hang, pretty baskets can be used. One large one can store odds and ends, or everyone can have an assigned basket for water bottles, shoes, toys and equipment. 
  • Catch-All Dishes: Little objects need a home, too, so utilize catch-all dishes for keys, pens, chapstick and change. 
    how to get organized at home - catch all dish - Splendry

Organizational Tools For The Living Room

  • Ottomans: There are so many ideas out there for organizing the hubs of houses, but I love ottomans! They are multi-functional, as you can prop your feet up on them, use them for extra seating and store extra blankets or a DVD collection in them. 
    how to get organized at home - ottoman - Splendry

Organizational Tools For The Kitchen

  • Dish Organizers: One of the hardest rooms to keep tidy is the kitchen, because cabinets and cupboards get piled high with dishes and food. Specific organizers exist for each of these, though, which is why I suggest racks, hangers and separators that can keep pans, pots and lids easy to find. 
  • Canisters: Along the same lines, fun canisters can store everything from cereal and sugar to coffee and snack foods, so turn to these as a way to create order in the kitchen.

Organizational Tools For The Utility Room/Closets

  • Wall Organizers: Wherever tools like brooms are stored, get a wall organizer and put it there! These easily attach to the wall and have spaces for brooms, mops and similar items to hang.

  • Totes: Utility rooms and closets can get messy, but you can hold tools in one tote, cleaners in another and so on. 

Organizational Tools For The Office

  • File Cabinets: The last and possibly the most important organizational method on this list is a file cabinet. Think of all the important documents we obtain, like birth certificates, contracts, owner’s manuals and insurance papers. We need a safe and secure place for all of this and more, so invest in a file system, and then try to keep it orderly in there!
    how to get organized at home - filing system - Splendry 

What are some other tools and ideas you have for how to get organized at home? We’d love to know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.