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Closet Space-Saving Trick: Higher Hangers

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Every time I try to clean out my small closet I’m struck with the same thought: I need to totally remodel the house and build a gigantic walk-in closet I need more space! Over the years I’ve tried collapsible hangers, shoe organizers, accessory holders, etc., and nothing has quite clicked. When I first heard about Higher Hangers it was like the stars aligned and presented me with the genius invention I was waiting on!

A genius invention that is totally transforming our closets! Find out why you need to try Higher Hangers!

What are Higher Hangers?

via Higher Hangers

They’re vertical space-saving clothing hangers. They were invented by a college student, (who must have lived in the dorms and knew that closet space was hard to come by!) and they save 4+ vertical inches over traditional hangers, meaning your clothing isn’t dragging across a lower closet bar or the floor. Notice how the hanger hook is set down into the hanger, that’s the trick!

Higher Hanger vs. a traditional hanger (photo via Higher Hangers)

This is one of those products that I can’t believe hasn’t existed before, it’s so simple! You can definitely see the space saved between regular and Higher Hangers:

High Hanger comparison on Splendry

via Higher Hangers

via Higher Hangers

Notice in the photo above how they were able to move both the lower bar up AND nothing is touching the bottom of the clothing rack! There’s some space freed up above the white plastic drawers too, perfect for accessories or jewelry boxes.

Higher Hangers currently come in velvet slimline design (what I have), plastic slimline design, or heavy-duty wood design with free shipping and free returns. I’ve been swapping out my regular hangers for Higher Hangers and I’m definitely sold. My only complaint is that they weren’t invented sooner! Get your own here (with a $10 off code for your order!).

Originally published February 16, 2017

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.