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The Gorgeous Wood Trim Accent Wall You’ve Got to Make Yourself

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Accent walls have become quite popular and we’re all about this gorgeous trend. See how one family took their creative design and turned it into a lovely wood trim accent wall. 

I am loving the updated home trend of adding dimension to a solid color wall. I really wanted to try this in our new dining room, and I wanted to add a personal, meaningful aspect.

Finally, I decided to do a slim wood trim design that also represented some significant family dates. Kind of like a hidden picture.

Since the month of April is full of celebrations in our family- both our anniversary, and both of our boys’ birthdays. Plus, we have four people in our family, so we count that as part of the significance too.

I asked my husband to take my idea, and put it into a design on the wall with painters tape. Here’s what he came up with:

painter's tape design

After measuring the total length needed for each line, we purchased 1 ⅛” pine lattice trim pieces.Since the pieces were so thin, my dad and I cut the lengths and angles using a hand saw and guide one line at a time.

We hammered a few finishing nails along each trim board to attach it to the wall. We thought a nail gun might split the wood, since it was thin.

nailing trim to wall

trim design on wall

Here you can see the our intentional design:

  • #4 – our family of four, and the fourth month (April)
    • Roman numerals:
      • VIII – April 8th, our wedding anniversary
      • VI – April 6th, our oldest son’s birthday
      • XI – April 11th, our youngest son’s birthday

design meaning

To finish the wood trim, I needed to caulk all the way along each side of the trim pieces to seal gaps and secure them to the wall.

Next, I used a nail set punch to make sure each nail was embedded into the wood. I filled each nail hole with wood putty, waited for it to dry, then sanded it down to the wood where it was blended and smooth.

filling holes

Now I was ready to prime and paint! I just couldn’t DECIDE!!

I loved the black wall trend, but I thought it might be too modern. So, I asked my interior designer friend, Hill House Interiors, to come give me her opinion (love having a design friend!).

choosing paint sample

She brought some Sherwin Williams paint samples, and I loved ‘Naval’, a beautiful shade of navy! It also happens to be their 2020 Color of the Year. Voila!

wood trim accent wall

I am really pleased with how it turned out! This is the first personal touch in our new house, and I’m glad I chose it to start!

wood trim accent wall

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wood trim accent wall

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.