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10 (Other) Uses for Dental Floss

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Yes, you can use it on your teeth, but here are 10 other uses for dental floss uses that you might not have thought of!

Raise your hand if you floss regularly. Now raise your hand if you floss religiously for the two weeks leading up to a teeth cleaning so that your bleeding gums don’t give you away! Yeah, I thought so. 

Obviously I’m not going to tell you not to floss, but if you happen to have extra hanging around like I do, here are a few other creative uses for dental floss!

10 (other) uses for dental floss - Splendry

1. Slicer

Use (unflavored) dental floss to slice cake, cheesecake, soft cheese or hard boiled eggs with ease!

2. Popcorn Garland

Dental floss makes a sturdy line for your holiday garlands!

3. Sewing help

Lose a button and don’t have thread handy? Not only will dental floss do the job, it’s stronger than thread too! You can also use floss on the under part of sewn buttons, etc. to reinforce.

4. Eyeglass repair

Lose a screw in your glasses? Thread a piece of floss through the frames and the ear piece and knot it to secure. This will make do until you get a new screw!

5. Jewelry repair

pearls and pearl necklace

Have a broken beaded or pearl necklace on your hands? Use floss to keep the beads in place until you can make it to the jeweler’s.

6. Decorate

Use floss to hang a (light!) frame (preferably one without glass!). Attach a screw to each side of the back of the frame and wrap the floss around a screw several times before knotting. Leave some slack and repeat on the other nail.

7. Shoelace repair

Dental floss will act as a shoelace until you can get new ones!

8. Stop the drip!

Well, at least stop hearing it! If you’ve got a dripping faucet tie a piece of floss around the faucet head with the bottom piece of the floss poked down into the drain. Now instead of water drops falling, they’ll slide down the floss quietly! (And you’ll be able to sleep!)

dental floss

9. Laundry day

Need a quick clothesline? Grab some heavy-duty floss and tie two ends to stationary objects (door knob, curtain rod, etc.).

10. Getting photos unstuck

Photographs stuck together? Before you try to peel them apart (and eventually ruin them) slide a piece of floss between the two and gently wiggle until they loosen.

Originally published January 12, 2016

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Sunday 5th of June 2016

Thanks! I used all of these except the shoe lace and stop the drip!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.