Make it Work Moment: The $2 Clothesline


So we have this one super soft and furry blanket that we use all the time. Unfortunately, it is dry clean only (grrr) and was starting to smell like human and schnoodle. I wanted nothing more than to air it out in the sunshine but, alas, I don’t have a clothesline or anything on which to hang a clothesline.


My back yard is lovely to run around in but not a tree to be had, sigh. Not to mention that the chain link fence would make my blanket all pokey.

Then out of the blue, I am struck with an idea. Here it is:

Take a pool noodle.

pool noodle clothesline

Cut it down one side.


Put it on the fence.

pool noodle on fence

Hang your stuff on there.

blanket on pool noodle

High five yourself for being awesome and thrifty!

If you want to hang up clothes or something that doesn’t drape like a blanket, pin them to the noodle once the noodle is attached. I wouldn’t put a bunch of heavy stuff on it though. You might even consider hanging your item on one side and then another item on the other side to evenly distribute the weight.

I sprayed some enzyme Febreeze type stuff on the blanket before hanging and it came back smelling fresh and sunkissed. It was perfect.

Originally published November 23, 2015

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