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5 Quick Washi Tape DIYS

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These days the question isn’t so much what you can do with washi tape, but what can’t you do? It’s so versatile, so easy to use, and such a quick way to add some fun color and design to, well, anything! Not only is washi tape a great product to use around the house in your decor, I’ve also got some super quick washi tape DIYS to update the things you use every day!

5 Quick Washi Tape DIYS

makeup brushes covered with washi tape

1. Phone charger decor

washi tape DIYs phone charger

Tired of fighting over which charger is yours? Personalize it! This trick would also come in handy if you’re headed somewhere like a work conference where everyone is searching for charging space between meetings. You’ll never worry if you’re taking someone else’s charger again! Just keep an eye on yours, everyone will want it!

2. Thumbtack Decor

washi tape DIYs thumbtacks

Tear off a tiny square and tuck the edges around. So easy, and so cute! Not only is this a fun idea for home, but if you’re needing to decorate something like a bulletin board it could be so great!

3. Light switch plate decor

washi tape DIYS light switch cover

Jazz up a plain (and cheap!) light switch plate! Such an easy way to add some personality to a room! And with so many washi tape designs to pick from you’ll have no trouble finding some that goes with your home decor.

4. Makeup brush personalization

Washi Tape DIYS makeup brushes

Only the most adorable brushes around! With washi tape handles you’ll never get your brushes confused with your roommate, mom, sister, etc., again! Plus, those cheap drugstore brushes look much more expensive!

5. Tea light decor

decorative tea lights

The perfect affordable decoration for your next party or shower that you can easily customize to fit your theme and colors! Grab some plain tea lights and wrap some tape around the metal edge. Tuck under and marvel in your decorating genius.

Those are just a few ways to use washi tape around the house, but of course, there are more! If you’ve got some ideas for some washi tape diys of your own, please share!

Originally published May 2, 2016

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.