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Make Your Own: Oil Diffuser

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I recently received some essential oils that were meant to be used with a diffuser. Problem is, I didn’t have a diffuser. And searches at local stores went poorly as I’m not interested in 1) spending $30 on a diffuser, 2) having a giant diffuser become a focal point of my home or 3) redecorating my house around a diffuser. Don’t they make anything that’s not gigantic or a little more subtle than this?


I was tempted by this one, though it would have required a total home makeover:



Seriously, there are a lot of dragon oil diffusers out there, which is…interesting.

I figured if I couldn’t find what I wanted (something small and subtle), I’d just figure out how to make my own!


Since I had the oils already, all I needed was:

  • small glass container
  • bamboo sticks

oil  diffuser

1. I found a package of 100 bamboo skewers at Walmart for $0.97! (They’re over by the kitchen utensils.) I took about five of them and cut them down to where they were just a few inches taller than my container.

2. The container I used was an old glass jelly jar. I wanted something small and not too wide.

3. I had heard you could use a mixture of vegetable oil and essential oils in your container so as to save on your essential oil usage but my mom tried it and it didn’t seem to work for her. I filled up a small amount of my container with lemon oil and put my sticks in to soak. ( I had a large bottle of oil.)

homemade diffuser

4.. After my sticks were thoroughly soaked (took about an hour), I flipped them over.

Done! Not only does this take up way less space than one of those huge oil diffusers, it’s also really  subtle and not what you notice when you walk in the room! The lemon scent is noticeable though and quite lovely!

oil diffuser out

Tucked nicely in on the back of the bookshelf!


Way more attractive, in my opinion, than one of those giant plastic diffusers! (Or the dragons.)

Have a simple DIY to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.