How to Make a Growth Chart


I’ve always wanted a way to track how my daughter grows over the years but I wanted something that one, I could take with me if we ever moved and two, that didn’t look tacky. So I decided to make this wooden growth chart! It was super easy and you can do it a variety of ways. I’ve previously made them by staining the wood and using a black paint pen you can buy at Hobby Lobby. For this one I had a request to match a nursery so I used paint. All the steps are the same. That’s what’s great about this project. You can make it any color you want!

Start with a 8 in x 1 in board that’s six feet long. You can get this at any lumber store.

How to Make a Growth Chart lumber

Now either stain it whatever color you want or paint it. I recommend using a light color stain or paint so that the colors will show up.  I used some left over Annie Sloan chalk paint and watered it down a bit so the grain still comes through.

How to Make a Growth Chart wood

Let it dry completely. Now get your measuring tape and lay it across the board. Start measuring every inch starting at 6 inches. You will hang the board six inches from the floor and the board will measure up to 6 foot 6 inches.

How to Make a Growth Chart measuring

After that, draw out the hash marks. I make each inch mark two inches long and each foot mark 4 inches long. I start with a pencil first so I can make sure it’s all level. I think typically the black paint pen covers up the pencil better but I went over the hash marks a couple of times and it worked out fine.

How to make a growth chart markings

Next I printed out numbers 1-6 to the size and shape I wanted and cut them out. I laid them on the ruler and traced around them. I just eye balled the placement.

How to make a growth chart measurement markings

Once they were traced I went back with my paint marker.

How to Make a Growth Chart Measuring Marks

Then I filled in the numbers.

How to make a growth chart board numbers

I wasn’t thrilled with how this color sharpie turned out so I bought a similar paint color and ended up filling the numbers in with paint.

How to make a growth chart fiinshed

Here is the one I did for my daughter with the stain and black sharpie pen.

How to make a growth chart stained

That’s about it! Once it’s dried, secure it to the wall and have fun tracking your little ones growth!!!!

Originally published October 10, 2016

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Amanda is a part time Physician Assistant but is a full time mom/wife with a daughter, son, and a furbaby. She grew up in Tennessee and St. Louis but Oklahoma now feels like home. She is a lover of all things old and junk and loves to collect old items that she doesn't have room for. She enjoys traveling, watching and playing sports, and being with friends and family- so basically your typical extrovert!

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