How to Paint a Straight Line on Walls


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If you’ve got big design dreams but know you can’t tackle painting a straight line on the wall without the help of a professional, we’re here to help! This simple process will give you the results of your dreams!

I don’t know how many fabulous ideas I’ve had for painting my home, only to stop myself before attempting any fancy designs. Sure, paint tape will keep the paint from bleeding, but how do you get your designs even and straight to begin with? If you’re wondering how to paint a straight line on a wall like I was, I’ve got a super simple process, and just one tool you’ll need that’s really cheap! (Seriously, I just saw it on Amazon for less than $3!)

how to paint straight lines on walls - Splendry

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When I was designing my baby’s nursery, I decided on a geometric design on one wall. Three triangles in different colors, and I wanted my lines clean and perfect. Fortunately I had my mom’s assistance with the project, and being the seasoned painter she is, she had one of these aluminum chalk reels with her.

how to paint a straight line on walls - Splendry

Strait-Line Aluminum Chalk Reel

If you haven’t used one of these before, it’s really easy! Just pull one end to the start of your line, pull the reel to the other end and when you’re ready, pull it back and snap it! The cable will leave a perfect chalk line for you to use!

how to paint straight lines on walls- Splendry

If you’re feeling confident, you can use this line as your guide, but for the rest of us, this is when you use your painter’s tape along your line to give you clear, distinct lines, ready to be painted on!

how to paint straight lines - Splendry

how to paint a straight line - Splendry

I’m incredibly happy with how my room design turned out. (And you can see more of the finished room here!) For your next home painting project, don’t limit yourself. If you’ve been wondering how to paint straight lines on walls, now you know how easy it is!

Originally published August 27, 2018

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