DIY Wood Shim Wall Art

I saw a post from East Coast Creative {A *MUST Follow*!  @eastcoastcreative} a while back that I KNEW I had to try. My vacant kitchen wall was the perfect place for this wood shim wall art! For a super simple, and mega cute project go HERE and follow her tutorial. I thought I would go ahead and include my pics of my own attempt at her style with a couple minor differences.
This DIY wood shim wall art project is so easy to make and you'll love the pop it adds to your home!
Kitchenette before:

(apologies for the poor quality photo)

Kitchenette after:


My steps included the same as ECC’s:

Wood Shim Wall Art Tutorial

I gathered my assortment of spray paints and threw in a wood stain that I had from another room. I purchased two sets of 12″ wood shims on Amazon. You can get these at any hardware store, of course, too. I went with less longer shims than the tutorial because of the size and shape of my wall. You can adjust your size and amount to your needs – another great perk of this project!


My gracious hubs offered to miter the shims at the 45 degree angle. Thank you! *NOTE: Some of them will chip, or split, but can possibly still be useable, plus that adds character.



Sprayed and stained:



Laid out the pattern the way I wanted:

*NOTE: Here is where I added a step to the ECC tutorial.

I wanted to be able to use these again somewhere else if I ever wanted a change. So, I had a slab of .5″ particle board cut to size at Lowe’s  to mount on the back.



I found it was best for me to glue the shims to each other on top and bottom with wood glue, let dry, and then I used Gorilla Glue to mount the particle board on the back.


I attached a picture mount and “ta-da’!


Finished product again:


This is a project I would do again if a reason ever came up. It was fun and seriously so simple. Success!

Originally published July 29, 2015


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  1. This looks amazing! Especially with the other reds in the Kitchen. I love DIYs but the wood ones freak me out a bit (saws and such) but I think I’ll give this one a try.

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