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DIY Jewelry Organizer

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Recently I fell in love with a line of jewelry and went a little bananas – read: BROKE – buying everything . I quickly realized that my plastic and fabric on a hanger thing was not going to be able to accommodate all my new jewels. I did some Pinterest digging and some Etsy stalking and decided that I could put something together on my own without spending Etsy dough.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I got everything at Hobby Lobby, except for my paint; which was just a sample from Lowe’s that I picked up to see how it would work in my home.

Here are the items used:
  • unfinished wood 4 frame with chicken wire backing
  • unfinished shelf- both of these are fitted with hanging equipment on the back
  • 3 cute little dishes with gold details that were 50% off (thank you Hobby Lobby!)
  • 2 different sized gold screw in hooks, I got one package of each to alternate
  • E6000
  • drill with tiniest drill bit – not necessary but preferred
  • either paint or a stain – whatever your preference is. The paint I used is a home paint from Lowe’s called “Inverness Gray”
  • very fine grit sand paper (the higher the number, the finer the grit)

DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY Jewelry Organizer Supplies Dishes

Let’s get down to business:

I originally decided to stain it, but I didn’t love it so ended up painting over the stain. Just FYI.

1. First, sand down any rough edges or splinters on the frame and base.

2. Use a sponge brush to apply a layer of paint on the shelf and the frame. I find that a sponge brush has a more even finish than a standard brush. Sometimes a standard brush leaves stroke marks, and I just can’t handle that. Let that dry then apply another layer. Repeat. I did 3 coats. I painted both pieces and let them dry overnight.  *side note: I have no evidence of painting. Only staining because I was working with children around. Little zombies take my brains when I’m working! Either way, I painted over this and it was just fine.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame

3. I put 13 hooks on the bottom of my shelf because I have a LOT of necklaces and wanted plenty of space for them. Keep the hooks close to the front of the shelf. Measure in 1/2 inch from each outer edge. Then, measure the length of your shelf and evenly space 13 hooks. For me, that made it approximately 3/4 inches between each hook and from the ends. Draw a line with a pencil and mark a little dot where each hook will go.

DIY Jewelry Organizer measuring for hooks

4. Drill a teeny tiny hole for each hook to make it easier to screw them in. This will make it much easier to get those tiny hooks in the right spot.

DIY Jewelry Organizer drilling hook holes

Thank goodness for rulers. Math is my nemesis.

DIY Jewelry Organizer shelf with hooks

5. May I suggest that you buy E6000 in the 3 pack of tiny tubes because I ALWAYS glue the lid on permanently? Always. ALWAYS. But I digress… put on a thick layer of E6000 because you don’t want anything shifting. I eyeballed the placement of these dishes. Glue them on and let them dry overnight. E600 smells funky and strong so open a window unless you’re into that sort of thing.

DIY Jewelry Organizer dishes

You can either glue the frame and the shelf together, or not. I opted not to because I liked the way they looked as 2 pieces.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Frame with Shelf

No jewelry. You can see why I chose white now!

DIY Jewelry Organizer Jewelry displayed

So cute, right?

DIY Jewelry Organizer necklace organization

Plenty of hooks to add more!

DIY Jewelry Organizer dish storage

Store rings, studs, and bracelets in dishes!

Pin it for later!

diy jewelry organizer

Originally published October 18, 2016

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Friday 7th of September 2018

I love this! I definitely will put this on my list of DIY!

Andrea | Messy Nest Mama

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

This is such a cute way to display jewelry. I love the color that you painted it. You are handy too- it looks great :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.