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Classic Half Bath Remodel

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Thank you to Stencil Revolution for providing Amanda with a stencil for this project. All opinions are her own. 

The time had finally come to tackle our half bath renovation. I wanted to do something pretty and classic in our half bath and I wanted to use board and batten because I love how it looks.

Here is the before picture:

Half Bath Remodel - Splendry
I started by painting the top part of the bathroom Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White. (For tips on painting check out my other post.) I stopped painting where I knew my board and batten would start.

Half Bath Remodel - Splendry
Then it was time to stencil! I decided to use a stencil because it’s cheaper than wallpaper and I love the different designs they come in. I got my stencil from Stencil Revolution and I used their Damask Floral stencil. I loved this design and how it turned out!!!

Some stenciling tips:
  1. I started stenciling at the top and worked my way down. The stencil comes in 34.5 x 20.5 inch blocks. I trimmed the short ends of my stencil down to only about ½ inch left to minimize the edges of the wall that wouldn’t have the design painted on it.
  2. I placed the stencil on the wall and secured it with masking tape, painted the entire stencil and then very carefully removed the stencil.
  3. Then I laid the stencil down on a drop cloth, wiped up the excess paint that was on the back of the stencil and made sure the back of the stencil was completely dry before moving on to a new section.
  4. I lined up the new stencil section with the previous one and painted the new section.
  5. The stencils bend so I would carefully bend the stencil to get around weird corners or shorter walls.

Stenciling is a little time consuming but I love how it turned out! I kept stenciling until I knew where the board and batten would be start.

Half Bath Remodel - SplendryHalf Bath RemodelHalf Bath Remodel - Splendry
Then we added the board and batten to the bottom half of the wall. You can see how we did it here.

I am so happy with how our half bath remodel turned out! It’s bright and beautiful and I love it!
Half Bath Remodel

Half Bath Remodel

Half Bath Remodel

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Classic half-bath remodel on Splendry

Originally published October 22, 2018

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Monday 22nd of October 2018

Wow! Looks great!

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