The Budget Laundry Makeover You Didn’t Know You Needed


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Unless you’ve got someone to do it for you (you, lucky duck!), you probably spend quite a bit of time doing laundry. I know I do! Between the sorting, stain removing, washing, drying, and re-washing (because I forgot to put the clothes into the dryer), I spend way more time in the laundry room than I’d like! A budget laundry makeover might be just what I need to make it slightly more enjoyable!

From pretty decor to full-on renovations, here are some of the best laundry room makeovers I found on the web. Oh, and if you didn’t have plans to spruce up your laundry room this weekend, well, I apologize in advance. 

Some of the links in this list are truly budget-friendly, there are makeovers for around $100 and even $50. There are even a few things you can do totally free! Others are full-on renovations, but, you can get ideas on how to replicate things for cheap!

Budget Laundry Makeover Roundup

budget laundry makeover - Splendry

Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

A budget laundry makeover might be just what you need!

Which of these tips, tricks, and gorgeous ideas should I try first? Have your own updated and awesome laundry space? I’d love to see it! Tag us in a picture on social (@splendry on Instagram)!

And if you want more home DIY ideas, here are a few!

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