How to Bring Life to an Old Trunk


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Sometimes I see a piece and I fall in love with it. That’s what happened with my trunk project. I saw this trunk online in this condition:

before photo old trunk

I knew this trunk had to be saved and just needed some hard work and love. First, I took off all the knobs and I cleaned off the entire surface with my go-to cleaner, Murphy Oil Soap.

old trunk Murphy Oil Soap

I had to go over the inside of the trunk about three times with this stuff but it even removed the smoke smell!

I sanded the entire top of the trunk to get rid of the stains.

Then I used a white gloss spray paint that had a paint primer in it. This took about three coats to get a good coverage but it’s spray paint so it went fast! Note: When spraying painting don’t hold the spray paint too close to the piece and don’t go too slow. If you do this can cause drips on the paint.

spray painting old trunk

Once the spray painting was done and the inside was shining again it was time to install some new knobs.

That’s it! This one was pretty simple and had such a dramatic difference. I ended up selling this piece because I didn’t have a spot for it but it is still one of my favorites and I was so happy with the end result!

after photo of an old trunk

old trunk revival - Splendry

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old trunk revival - Splendry

Originally published September 5, 2016

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Amanda is a part time Physician Assistant but is a full time mom/wife with a daughter, son, and a furbaby. She grew up in Tennessee and St. Louis but Oklahoma now feels like home. She is a lover of all things old and junk and loves to collect old items that she doesn't have room for. She enjoys traveling, watching and playing sports, and being with friends and family- so basically your typical extrovert!


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