10 Non-Traditional Uses for Ice Cube Trays


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Have a few ice cube trays that aren’t being used? (Check the cabinets!) If you find some, I’ve got 10 non-traditional uses for ice cube trays you’ll want to try!

1. Slide one or two trays into your dresser drawer to use as jewelry storage, or into your desk drawer to easily separate items like paperclips, thumbtacks, or buttons. Cheap and easy!

ice cube trays use

2. Freeze chopped up herbs in olive oil so they won’t go to waste.

3. Make your own dishwasher detergent tabs. (Recipe here.)

4. Freeze single-serving items like aloe-vera for a little bit of sunburn relief. Or fill a tray with yogurt that you can easily pop out and add to smoothies.

5. Forget watered-down iced coffee made with ice cubes, freeze coffee in trays to add for a cold treat!

ice cube trays use frozen coffee

6. To make cookies uniform in size, fill trays with cookie dough before popping out to bake. Once they’re frozen, you can also store trays in freezer bags so you can pop out a few cookies to bake as needed!

7. Fill trays with sprinkles, nuts, fruit and other toppings for a self-serve ice cream topping bar.

8. Instead of watering down drinks with melting ice, try freezing fresh lemon, lime, or orange juice for a bit of a flavorful splash!

ice cube trays use freezing fruit

9. Make your own crayons! Take small broken crayon pieces and put in silicone ice cube trays to bake just long enough to melt. (Make sure you take the paper off!)

10. Did you know you could freeze caramelized onions? Next time you’re caramelizing onions, slice up a couple more to save for next time!

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Originally posted June 15, 2016

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