Do I Have to Do it Just Like That? Life On Your Own Terms


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All of us have memories of trying to make a recipe just like “Aunt Lucy”, crafting like Martha Stewart or (the worst) trying to look like the airbrushed model in a fashion magazine. Of course these tries usually ended up differently than the mentioned examples.

So what? So what if we tried the recipe handed down for generations and it was a flop? Change an item in the recipe to make it more palatable to your group or try something similar that can be handled without stressing over the particulars.

homemaking on your own terms

Take the colors or the material used by Martha Stewart and fashion something else that is fun and completely you. The adventure is in the effort.

As for that air brushed model? Stop looking at those magazines in the check out aisle!

We all have our special people we look up to whether it is our mom, grandmothers or talented friends but should their expertise be ours? No. Find your niche and go with it. Figure out your way, your likes and be confident in your decisions. There are always new things, new ideas, new thoughts, try them. Nothing is set in stone. Life is messy at times so enjoy the ups and the downs.

(Oh yeah, you don’t have to keep house like your mom either. Just saying.)

Originally published April 24, 2015

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Glenda loves anything spur of the moment and is ready for the next adventure whether it be with family or friends. She dabbles with flowers, music and artsy things and thinks everyday and everything is an adventure. Partial to classic movies, British TV mysteries and her grandchildren! Not necessarily in that order.

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