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The Design Trends We are Loving this Year

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Every year brings us new design trends, and this year these were the aesthetics, patterns, colors and decorations we’ve loved to see and use! 

The Design Trends We are Loving this Year

1. Minimalism

From sleek spaces and contemporary designs to rooms decorated in only whites and grays, the minimalist approach has been around, but this year, it was even bigger. Plus, ever since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has hit Netflix, more and more people have been cleaning out their closets and donating unused/unwanted items, which is a good starting point for a minimal design aesthetic. 

2. Boho

design trends - Splendry

On the other hand, those who enjoy prints and colors can show off boho designs. Usually, this means incorporating natural elements, layered textiles and pieces that give a relaxed feel, like bright floor pillows or fuzzy white blankets underneath a white canopy. 

3. Florals

A floral pattern is a common one, but we loved seeing how it was used this year. A table setting could be centered around plates that boast a vibrant flower image. A wall could be covered in a modern wallpaper that has little blossoms. And those of us who were not gifted with green thumbs can at least hang up art that shows off floral arrangements!

4. Geometrics

modern nursery in gender neutral colors - Splendry

See more of this modern nursery here

Geometric shapes are also seen in every aspect of life, and this is another great trend to add into your home. From zig-zag rugs and contemporary art to hexagonal backsplashes and angled tables, there are many options here.

5. Statement Lighting

design trends -Splendry

Light fixtures literally brighten up our spaces, so I encourage people to really have fun in this area. Whether you go for a mid-century modern lamp found at an antique store, a sparkly chandelier that’s newly purchased or pendants made out of unique materials, make sure your lights truly stand out.

6. Ornate Walls

Statement walls are out, and ornate walls are in this year. Instead of just painting one wall a different color, take the design up a notch. Cover it in a textile. Create a mural on it. Color it with your kids. Go crazy!

7. Matte Black

One color we saw a lot more of this year was matte black. Those who fully embrace it may paint an entire room this color. Those who are not ready to take that plunge can incorporate it through dining chairs, vases, faucet fixtures or artwork.

8. Living Coral

design trends - Splendry

Of course, since Living Coral is the Pantone Color of The Year, this was a big part of this year! Again, it is up to you how it is utilized, but I am excited to see it used in more rooms by more people!

Did you try any of these trends this year? What are you hoping to see next year?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.