How I Made Over My Laundry Closet for Less than $50


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I live in a small house. I’m a single woman with a two (sometimes three) bedroom home, depending on who’s visiting. And while I’m not a hoarder, I do tend to hang on to a few unnecessary items from time to time. Therefore, keeping my house organized and clutter free can be a difficult task.

But when I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough. This happened the other day when I walked by my laundry closet.

under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

No wonder I could never feel motivated to wash clothes.  Look at that mess. It was definitely time to do something.

After gathering some inspiration from Pinterest,  I set out for a trip to Target.

My first stop was in the storage department. I found some cute gray and white baskets for $8. I  also found a  plastic gray container in the same section for $5.

baskets - Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

I headed to the kitchen and dining department next and picked up two of these glass candy jars for 10 bucks a piece.

candy jar - Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

Now it was time to head home and get to work.

I’ve got to be honest. This project took less than an hour. It was probably closer to 30 minutes.

There were several half-used boxes of washing detergent in my closet. I combined them all and poured the detergent into one of the glass candy jars. I then put some clothes pins in the other, just for decoration.

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

I used the plastic bin for more storage.

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

As for those gray and white baskets, they now hold my tissue and paper towel rolls.

After reorganizing the space, something was still missing. Suddenly, my wall looked too bare. Maybe the clutter gave it more ‘character.’ (hehe)

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

I found some wall art on Amazon and it perfected my finished look.

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

I must say, I’ve been pretty consistent with washing my clothes since this makeover. Funny how that happens.

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

Want to pin this idea for later?

Under $50 laundry room makeover - Splendry

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