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Why You’ve Got to Try Virtual Design (Plus, a Havenly Promo Code!)

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If you’ve ever felt lost when it came to decorating a room, this is for you! Whether you’ve just moved to a new home and are starting from scratch, or you’re just wanting a change, find out how a virtual design service can help. We have a Havenly promo code and review to share!

When my husband and I decided to move into my grandparents’ old home, I envisioned pulling up the carpets to display the original hardwood floors. Changing out light fixtures and hardware. Adding touches that kept the original feel of the house but made it feel modern and like “ours”.

I got about as far as pulling up the carpet and then kind of got stuck. Yes, we have our own furniture in there and have changed out a few things like curtains, but I wouldn’t say it’s been “decorated”.

havenly promo code and review - before living room photo

Pretty bare, huh?

before living room photos - Havenly promo code and review - Splendry

In fact, my husband once told me it looks like we’re either just moving in or about to move out. Nothing too permanent anywhere.

Considering that we’ve lived here over 10 years (10 YEARS!), it’s probably time to commit to some design. :)

You know the feeling you get when you walk into someone’s home and it’s decorated so perfectly “them”, that you feel like you know them even better now that you’ve seen their home? That’s the kind of vibe I’m going for.

I do have things I love, photos that are important to me, artwork that I want to display. I just didn’t know where to start.

It’s a funny thing, home decor. For some people it’s a no-brainer, but for me, it’s intimidating! Give me a closet full of clothes and I can give you the perfect perfect outfit. Give me an empty room and a home store and I might panic. Yes, I can clearly see the things I like and dislike, I just have a hard time envisioning how I want to put my space together.

And then I discovered the world of virtual interior design.

I’ve heard of services like Havenly and Modsy for years now, but it wasn’t until about a year ago I seriously considered trying one out. I think it probably had a lot to do with how much time I spent inside my home over the past year and a half. Now, I was READY.

I figured it was worth a shot trying out one of these services and I found a really good deal, which I’ll also pass on to you. I decided to try out Havenly and it was more than worth the money in my opinion. (There’s a great Havenly promo code at the end!)

So, how does it work? Glad you asked!

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Havenly Promo Code & Review

What it is:

Havenly is a virtual design service. You connect with a designer through the website, answer lots of questions about your style, preferences, and budget, and receive a custom room design and products you can purchase (if you want).

How it works:

You fill out a questionnaire about your design style, the room you’d like to focus on, your budget, etc. They show you tons of photos of designs to help you narrow down your style and then you can choose a designer to work with. (You can view other projects they’ve worked on.)

After you’ve chosen your designer you answer even more questions about your preferences, etc. You measure walls, windows, and doorways, and take photos of the current room. You also let them know what things in the room you want to keep (any particular furniture) and if there are things you aren’t shopping for – like you want to update the room but you don’t want to buy a rug right now, etc.

Then you wait. But honestly not long, I was always so surprised when I sent in my info or messaged my designer and got a reply in 24-48 hours.

The first thing you get from your designer are some mood boards (based on photos of rooms you’ve said you like). You provide feedback, tell them what things you like, don’t like, if you like the color of the rug, but not the pattern, etc.

Here’s an example of a mood board I was sent:

Havenly promo code and review - mood board

You’ll then receive your first room design. You’ll start messaging back and forth with your designer to tweak things here and there, until you get the room just right.

This was my “initial concept” that I received:

havenly promo code and review - Splendry

We messaged back and forth until the design was closer to what I had in mind. 

Havenly 3d rendering - Havenly promo code and review

Havenly 3d rendering - Havenly promo code and review

Is this the living room of my dreams? It’s not 100%, BUT, that’s because I’m still learning what I want/like! It’s certainly a major improvement over the (lack of) style I’ve got going on now! 

What’s also cool is that I can now shop for those exact products if I want. They’re all listed right in my account. OR, I can take it all just as inspiration and shop on my own. There’s zero obligation to buy what they suggest. You pay for the design and then can shop through them if you want. It’s such a personalized service and I can’t even believe the cost for what you get.

Speaking of cost, how much does this first-class service run? Are you going to need to pawn some of you grandma’s jewelry?

Nope. AND, I have a referral code so you can get it even cheaper than what’s listed below. Read on! The plans run like this:

Havenly Promo Code and Plans

The Mini Design Package – $99 and is for people who might not need help with the space/layout of their room, but are looking more for things like accessories or artwork, lighting, curtains, etc. More decor, than full-design.

You’re paired with a designer and they’ll send you ideas, two concepts, a personal shopping list and designer tips.  You’ll get simple mood boards with ideas for your space and then after you give your feedback you’ll receive your initial concept (where you give more feedback) and then receive your final concept.

The Full Design Package – $179. (This is what I did but I did NOT pay that much for it, read on!)

The package is similar to the Mini, only it also includes a custom floor plan to help with layout and a 3D rendering of the final concept.

OK, I mentioned saving money on this right? If you use my referral code you can take $30 off the mini package (making it $69) or $80 off the full package making it $99.

$99 for a custom design plan for your home is a pretty good value, in my opinion.

So, now you’re probably wanting to know what I’ve done with my design help. I’m slowly changing up some things in the living room and feeling it out as I go. I actually found the mirror my designer recommended in my first concept at HomeGoods for under $50!

Havenly promo code and review - Splendry

And while I’m not planning to buy a new sofa any time soon (I’ve got small, messy children), I did find an affordable slipcover on Amazon and have really loved this navy statement!

havenly promo code and review - Splendry

It’s definitely a work in progress but I’ve got more confidence in my decision-making these days. I know more of what I like and don’t like. Plus, now I know that home decor doesn’t have to be this huge permanent decision. In fact, it can just be fun!

Have you tried Havenly or another virtual design service? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.