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5 Tips to Help You Decorate Small Spaces

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You don’t have to sacrifice style for size. We’ve got some easy tips and ideas on how to decorate small spaces!

Whether someone is renting a studio apartment, moving into a dorm, trying out a tiny home or just working with a small space in general, fear not – there is hope! The latest design trends and the cutest decor can still be shown off, even if the area is not super expansive.

Yes, from how to store possessions and where to place furniture, to what styles to opt for and how to embrace a small space, we have got you covered. When decorating a tiny room or corner, it is best to keep the following tips in mind:

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5 Ideas on How to Decorate Small Spaces

decorate small spaces

1. Use Space Wisely

Of course in a tiny area you must use every inch in a smart way. Quality storage pieces, such as a short china cabinet, can store things out of the way, while also looking pretty in a room. Use organizers that hang over the door, that slide under a bed, or that utilize shelves to help create more space throughout the house.

decorate small spaces

2. Embrace Eclectic

The eclectic look combines diverse styles into one, and it is a good one to go with in a tiny area. Your small space may center around a focal piece of furniture, like a couch or a bed.

eclectic home decor

You may create your own art for the walls, pick up some tables at a garage sale and add in pops of color to make the space really shine. This can work for small square footage and can bring in some funky elements that not everyone else has!

3. Get Creative

It is easy to run out of room quickly, so get creative. An antique rolling cart, for instance, can be nestled into a corner to hold a coffee maker, extra glasses and other things that won’t fit on the kitchen counter. Browse around to see what other choices like this can work for you.

decorate small spaces

4. Keep It Cozy

Instead of saying you have a small house, just describe it as cozy… and then fully embrace that! This reading nook, for instance, may not be as grand as, say, Belle’s library in The Beast’s castle. It gets the job done though, and provides a cute place to read.

cozy reading nook

5. Work With What You Have

A final tip is to work with what you have. A bench may not fit next to your front door, but another door will! This one is flat, brings in more color to the space and allows everyone to drop off their shoes and keys.

creative home solutions

Instead of splurging for another piece of furniture that you don’t even have room for anyway, think outside of the box, and come up with better, Pinterest-worthy, space-saving solutions.

So even if you are working with a not-very-big area, there are many ways to incorporate fun and original ideas. Each of these will add more effective areas to your home, which is always nice. They will also make your designs stand out from the rest, causing even those who live in huge homes to envy your smart and stylish ways!

Have your own awesome ideas on how to decorate small spaces? We’d love to hear them!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.