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6 Tips to Help Your Apartment Feel Like a Home

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The American Dream involves owning a house with a white picket fence, but not everyone wants that and not everyone is at the stage in life where purchasing property is possible. But apartments, condos, townhomes and houses can be rented, and if you are looking to make your rented space feel like a home, try these six tips and tricks!

1. Utilize wall art

The easiest way to create a homey environment is through wall art. By hanging up a couple of family photos, a stick-and-peel mural or different collages of prints and signs, you can let your personality shine!

5 Tips to Make an Apartment Feel Like home - Splendry

2. Soften it up

“Home” is synonymous with comfort, relaxation and safety, so we suggest softening up your rented space. Place throw pillows on couches and chairs. Put rugs down on hard floors. Have blankets at the foot of the bed. This will add some soft coziness.

3. Personalize it

A room is just four walls until you add in your possessions, and the decorations and products you own say something about you. You should personalize your apartment with your favorite color, your favorite items and your favorite accessories.

tips to make an apartment feel like home - Splendry

4. Show off collections

Furthermore, if you have a collection, you should definitely show that off in your place. And if are not currently collecting something, this will be a fun adventure for you; select something (like antique perfume bottles, coins or snow globes), hunt for these things, then display them all!

5. Set the table

Even if we eat our meals in front of the TV, we probably picture home-cooked meals around the table when thinking of a lived-in house. You can fake this concept by keeping your table set…and you can actually use these pretty dishes if/when you do eat at your kitchen table!

6. Go big & go home

My last piece of advice is to go big and go home, and by this I mean that you can fill a rented space with big items in order to make it feel like your own. Purchase that sectional you’ve always wanted. Have a custom piece made for your entryway. Find a cool sculpture to go in that empty corner. DIY a headboard. Think about what you like, apply that when decorating, and enjoy your HOME!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.