11 Things to Do When Daylight Saving Time Begins or Ends


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Hopefully you remembered to set your clocks today and this post isn’t a complete surprise! Along with changing your clocks (don’t forget the clocks in your vehicle!), the start or end of Daylight Saving Time is a good time to remember a few other tasks that you probably don’t think of often!

These are all tasks that don’t need to be done real regularly (well, with the exception of #11), but they’re all pretty important! The time change is a good time to remember to check them off your list until the next one comes around!

11 Things to Do When Daylight Saving Time Begins or Ends

11 simple things you should do when Daylight Saving Times begins or ends!

1. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A must! If you know the batteries have been changed recently, still go ahead and give everything a test. This could be a life-saver!

2. Replace the filters in your heater or air conditioner. Hopefully you remember to do this a few times a year, but this is a good day to do it!

3. Do a quick clean out. This is as good a time as any to toss out any expired items from your kitchen and medicine cabinets!

4. Flip your mattress. If you have a no-flip mattress, simply rotate it. (This will save on wear and tear!)

5. Swap out the baking soda in the fridge. (It’s probably getting a little stale in there.)

6. Reverse your fans. If your ceiling fans have a reverse switch go ahead and change it today. You want them to spin counter-clockwise in the spring and summer months (it will keep things cooler).

7. Swap your closet. If you tend to store your clothes seasonally this is a good day to replace your spring and summer items for your fall and winter wardrobe.

8. Put together an emergency kit. It’s always good to be prepared and spring thunderstorms or winter snowstorm tend to remind us that having items like flashlights (with batteries), first aid kits, and weather radios on hand is a good idea!

9. Wash your pillows. Think about the last time you washed your pillows…can’t remember? That’s what I thought.

10. Vacuum the dryer vent. Add this to your list of Daylight Saving Time to-dos and cut down on a big fire hazard!

11. Take a nap! Did you know the start of Daylight Saving Time is officially considered “Napping Day”? That’s a celebration you don’t want to miss! (And we say it’s more than OK to celebrate if Daylight Savings Time is ending too!)

Originally published March 13, 2016

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