Where & How To Eat Like A True Texan


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Dr. Pepper…barbecue…ranch dressing…Blue Bell ice cream…There are several treats that come to mind when thinking of Texas, and the Lone Star State takes its eating quite seriously. If you are looking to eat like a true Texan, here’s where to go and what to eat!

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Of course Kerbey Lane in Austin made the list, the queso is #1!

Chicken Fried Steak

Take beefsteak, cover with flour, pan-fry it, and you’ve got yourself a CFS. This is a staple in the South, and one of the biggest and the best can be found at Mary’s Cafe in Strawn, Texas.


Since Texas borders Mexico, Tex-Mex food is also popular in the Lone Star State, meaning a Mexican-inspired meal isn’t complete without queso. While there are many different varieties of this cheesy dish, Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin combines pico de gallo, ground beef and guacamole with traditional white cheese…Yum!

Sweet Tea

The go-to non-alcoholic beverage in Texas is sweet tea, and while Chicken Express may just look like another fast food joint, it is really the place that serves the best version of this drink. Plus, they are scattered across the South, allowing people to enjoy these large, sugary and cheap drinks in numerous locations.

Texas restaurant guide - Where and how to eat like a true Texan - Chicken Express Sweet Tea - Splendry


Okay, one more Tex-Mex staple is the taco, and Texans eat them for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and for the heck of it. And Torchy’s Tacos – which has locations in all the major cities of Texas, as well as in Oklahoma and Colorado – may just serve up the best.

Pecan Pie

Royer’s Cafe has gained some notability in Round Top, due to the quaint little town hosting Texas Antique Week and being home to the Junk Gypsies…but all we need you to know about it right now is the pie – and specifically, the amazing pecan pie at Royer’s!

Texas restaurant guide - Where and how to eat like a True Texas - Pecan Pie - Splendry


Venison, spicy chili sauce, shredded cheese, onions and jalapenos…People can dress up their chili many different ways, but for a traditional yet exciting helping of this dish, we recommend Goode Company Armadillo Palace in Houston.


Last but not least, a true Texan enjoys BBQ, and Franklin Barbecue in Austin is well-known for its brisket, ribs, pulled-pork sandwiches and sides.

What’s your favorite Texas restaurant?
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