8 No Bake Cookie Variations You’ve Got to Try


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Think you already have the perfect cookie recipe? How about these eight no bake cookie variations to mix things up a bit!

When you think of cookies, what first comes to mind? A warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk? A chewy peanut butter cookie (maybe with a nice dollop of chocolate in the middle!), or what else? How about the classic no-bake cookie?

Rich and chocolatey, with creamy peanut butter and chewy oats, it’s pretty hard to beat a classic no-bake.


I’m going to try!

I hit the web to find some variations on this classic cookie to see how well it can be improved upon.

Nutella, peppermint, maple syrup, and even cookie butter take the cookie we all know and love and turn it upside down – but in a good way!

Whatever you like (Peanut butter? Mint? Coconut?), there’s a no bake for you to try!

No Bake Cookie Variations

no bake cookie variations

8 Different No Bake Cookies to Try

It's hard to beat a no-bake cookie! Here are eight different types for you to try! Which one is your favorite?

OK, what’s it going to be? Which no bake cookie variation will you try first? And if more no-bake desserts are what you need, we’ve got those too!
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