70+ Pie Recipes You Need this Holiday Season


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It’s officially the holiday season which means it’s also baking season! And if you’re going to bake something to enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas party, or even for New Year’s Eve, a good holiday pie recipe is hard to beat!

Love a creamy, classic pumpkin pie? We’ve got a few variations to choose from, from traditional to cheesecake and more! And if apple is more your flavor, how about a caramel apple pie? Mini pies? Or a deepdish apple cranberry concoction? Yum.

We’ve got your traditional holiday pies, your non-traditional holiday pies (You can totally serve Key Lime Pie at Thanksgiving if you want!), even some pies for those with dietary restrictions. They’re arranged by category, starting with apple pies and working down through fruit pies, chocolate pies, pecan pies, etc.!

Check out our collection of 70+ holiday pie recipes below and let us know which one(s) you’ll be making this year!

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70+ Holiday Pie Recipes

Every Holiday Pie Recipe You Could Need

From pumpkin pie to apple pie and every pie in between, these are the holiday pie recipes to make this year!

Apple Pies

It's hard to beat a good ol' apple pie! From classic recipes to ones with a twist (like caramel, cranberry, or cheese!), if apple pie needs a place on the table, we've found some delicious recipes for you to choose from!

Fruit Pies

There are lots of delicious holiday pie recipes that use fruits other than apples! How about pear? Maybe blackberry? So many amazing options!

Chocolate Pies

Chocolate lovers will love you forever if you bring a yummy chocolately treat to the holiday gathering! From peanut butter to fudge, you'll find the perfect recipe.

Pumpkin Pies

It's not a holiday gathering unless there's a pumpkin pie, right? We've got your classic recipes, but a few fun twists too. How about a Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake? Mini pies? Or one you can make in your air fryer? We've got them all!

Sweet Potato Pies

Try a rich and creamy alternative to pumpkin pie this year with a sweet potato pie! (Or, you can always make both!)

Pecan Pies

Another classic holiday pie, who doesn't love sweet, crunchy pecan pie?

Non-Traditional Pies

Ever had an eggnog pie? Sunflower seed pie? No? Us either! If you'd like to try something outside of the traditional holiday pie recipes, we've got a few to choose from!

Special Diet Pies

Need something to fit the dietary needs of a guest or yourself? Here are a few recipes that might be good options!

Need something to keep the kids busy while you bake? How about a cute Thanksgiving craft?

Originally published November 18, 2019

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