Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Kit Review


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Remember several years ago when everyone was changing their Facebook profile photo to their celebrity doppelganger? I didn’t partake in the fun, but if I had swapped my photo for a celebrity’s it probably would have been Sarah Michelle Gellar. Starting in college, random people on the street would occasionally stop me to tell me I looked just like her. Being compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer is always a compliment! Since SMG and I share this kindred connection (well, she doesn’t know about it, and I’d say it’s way more flattering for me than her!) I figured I needed to try her new food endeavor – Foodstirs!

Along with Galit Laibow and Gia Russo, Gellar created Foodstirs as a way to offer great quality, convenient, and delicious products that help families have fun in the kitchen together. Along with fun baking kits you can purchase individually (think fun stuff like cake pops, cupcake cones and brownie popsicles), you can also sign up for a subscription and receive a fun themed baking project every month (a one month subscription is $25). I received a Valentine’s Sugar Cookie Kit in my last Popsugar Must Have Box and thought I’d give them a try!

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Kit

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Kit review on Splendry

Along with a baking mix and instructions, the kit came with a little heart shaped cookie cutter and some pretty pink sugar!

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie review - kit supplies- Splendry

The only additional ingredients needed were a stick of butter and an egg white.

I creamed the sugar and added the egg white before adding the baking mix:

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Kit review on Splendry - cookie dough

I patted the dough into a round disc before chilling it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Review dough

You can still see my fingerprints!

After the dough has been chilled, roll it out until it’s about 1/4″ thick. Use the cute little heart cookie cutter to make your cookies.

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Mix review - cookie dough

Onto a parchment lined baking sheet they went before they were topped with some pink sugar:

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Mix review - cookie dough with sprinkles

Into the oven for about 10 minutes and, ta-da! Perfect sugar cookies!

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Mix review - baked sugar cookies

If every Foodstirs kit is this delicious (and cute), count me in!

Foodstirs Sugar Cookie Mix - review on Splendry

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