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What Does Your Pinterest Page Say About You?

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As one of the most popular sites for all things crafty, delicious and swoon-worthy, Pinterest has made quite an impact…especially on women (and on some guys who are incredibly secure in their manhood). For those of us who are closet OCD planners, Pinterest has been and continues to be a fantastic place for all things organized. You can even organize pins about organizing! How perfect is that?! How is it possible for one website to make you not only want to indulge yourself in dessert goodies, go work out like a beast, make crafts worthy of HGTV all while having perfect hair and flawless makeup. The creators of Pinterest sure have hit the jackpot.

What Does Your Pinterest Page Say About You-



While perusing through my Pinterest, I couldn’t help but notice some specifics about pinners and the things they choose to pin. Typically, people have a pretty consistent theme amongst all their boards whether it’s a style, color or idea. It’s fairly easy to tell what people have on their mind just by looking at recent pins. Of course, this primarily focuses on people who are active on a regular basis. If you pin one thing every two months, the likeliness of your personality being displayed on boards is little to none. If you were to go look at mine right now, you would find a lot of photography inspiration (and some of my own work as well) since I’m an aspiring photographer. I love looking at poses and editing concepts to energize and engage my creativity.


You might also see that I love all things rural, animal, and agriculture focused. As a farmer’s wife, we don’t just have jobs or animals to take care of; we have a farming and ag-based lifestyle to maintain.


And of course, I have the obligatory recipes, beauty tips/ideas, home-decorating, motivational, and dream closet boards as well.





So now that you can see all of my interests on a neatly organized website, what does your Pinterest board say about you?

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Originally posted November 3, 2014

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.