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Why You Should Start Your Day with theSkimm

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This past October, I turned 35. I know, I know, I look so youthful. Thank you. Anyway, I decided that 35 is going to be the year I do adult things. Now, don’t read this wrong. I have been “adulting” for a quite a while. I’ve got a Roth IRA. I pay my own bills. I have a child that forces me to be responsible. Etc etc. There is not delayed maturation in this house, my friend! But, now I do things like drink black coffee and read the news. The news! I am the most adult person ever! To me, this is the epitome of “adulting”: knowing what is going on in the real world past what my dad and the Yahoo news headlines tell me.

Confession: I have never enjoyed watching or reading the news. It depressed me and frustrated me. When I turned 35, however, I decided it was time. Ugh, I really dreaded it. Until I discovered theSkimm.

A few reasons why theSkimm is the best way to start your day!

Start Your Day with theSkimm

theSkimm is the best thing that has ever happened to me, as far as news delivery goes. The writers do all the reading, summarize it for the reader and provide links should there be something super interesting I want to learn more about. Brilliant! Their writing is witty, a bit sarcastic, and oftentimes super funny. I have lol-ed on numerous occasions. In the midst of political season, I have found them to be fair and middle of the road (though I have an idea of which way they might lean). It seems to be marketed more toward women, but only slightly and I know several male fans of theSkimm. Don’t let the woman on the logo scare you off, men!  Every morning (Monday-Friday), I open the daily email they send, drink my cup of tea, and start the day with a better understanding of what is happening in my country and my world. I actually look forward to it and am bummed they don’t do it on the weekends. But they have lives too, guys. So I’ll allow it…I guess…

If you are an avoid-er of daily news but want to change, I highly recommend theSkimm.

Originally published March 2, 2016

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.