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Podcast Recommendation: Bullseye hits the target

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Are you a fan of engaging interviews and great insight into all things pop culture? Well, I have the podcast recommendation for you!

I used to have a short 15 minute drive to work. I spent my time listening to NPR and most memorably enjoyed listening to the interview talents of Terry Gross on Fresh Air. I admired her ability to listen to and interview her guests with utmost compassion while encouraging a frank and honest response. She always had such interesting personalities on her show, both ones I recognised and others I did not, but found myself enlightened all the same.

Since my move to London I’ve been getting used to a much longer commute. It normally takes me closer to 45 minutes to get to work and I’ve become connected to my headphones and iPhone to survive the journey. Throughout my commutes I’ve enjoyed exploring a variety of musical talents, listened to engrossing audio books and diving head first into the world of podcasts.

While searching for the perfect podcasts I’m happy to say I’ve finally found an interviewer that is just good as Terry while containing pop culture content that is funny, light-hearted and deeply engrossing. The podcast is called Bullseye hosted by the masterful Jesse Thorn. It provides me an in-depth look into the best bits of pop culture and many times introduces me to even more music, movies, or books which are off the beaten path and worth exploring.

This weekly podcast is a can’t miss for me. I look forward to it each week and always end up with fabulous insight into some wonderful minds of our culture along with a list of new things I ‘must check out now!’. One recent favourite was an interview with Allison Janney, it’s an amazing interview and a great introduction to this fab podcast. So don’t miss out on it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.