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Road Trip Playlist: Indie Rap

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Do you like fun indie rap songs, but don’t know how to discover new artists? This list can get you on the right track. I’ve put together a list of fun songs, perfect for road trips. Save these for grown up road trips though (spring break, anyone?), since several of the songs contain language not suitable for kids.

Roadtrip Playlist - Indie Rap - Buck 65 - Splendry
Wicked and Weird
– Buck 65

This is a great road trip song, as it’s actually a song ABOUT a road trip. It’s got a great beat and an easy hook that you can pick up and sing along.

Bangarang – Doomtree

This group of friends came up with a great singalong song. Since there are several people singing, all of your friends can have their own part!

The Struggle – Scroobius Pip

This song is fun for road trips; it actually tells a story with a surprise twist! It’s like an episode of investigation discovery, set to a great beat. It could provide an interesting diversion when the road starts getting long.

bangarang doomtree

Super Pretty Naughty – Buck 65

This song was rapper Buck 65’s attempt at writing a pop song. What he came up with is super catchy, and will probably make you laugh a few times, too.

Secrets on our Lips – Astronautalis

Rapper Astronautalis created a great chorus in this song. This one is perfect for belting out with the windows down.

The Best of Times – Sage Francis

What is it about road trips that makes you slow down and become introspective? Whatever it is, this song is perfect for that mood. It’ll make you feel nostalgic for your childhood and hopeful for the future, all at the same time.

Hopefully some of these songs will make your next road trip even more fun, and introduce you to some great new artists at the same time!

Originally posted April 13, 2016

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.