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5 Ideas for a Social Distancing Game Night

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These are some great suggestions for online games with friends, perfect for those friends who don’t live near each other or those times when you need to practice social distancing!

Social distancing need not destroy game night, and while there’s a few games that are definitely better in person I have a few recommendations up my sleeve for games to possibly delve into with some friends over the inter-webs.

online games with friends

5 Digital Game Night Ideas

Mafia & Town of Salem

Mafia and Town of Salem can both be played online, and if you don’t have enough players then there are plenty of platforms to play with both strangers and friends alike. Town of Salem (online) and Mafia (by toast, app for android and apple) are both free to play and tons of fun.

Secret Hitler

Also a board game, there is a version of Secret Hitler online. It’s a game full of strategy, secrets, and of course Hitler. In all honesty it’s an enormously entertaining game, which rewards both strategy as well as charisma and can be a great way to get in some good group bonding.

MMORPGs and Games on Steam

I wouldn’t be me if I talked about games online without putting in a plug for League of Legends, my personal favorite. However, Steam offers tons of games, both free and purchased that are both high quality and multiplayer. If League isn’t your thing, try out World of Warcraft or maybe even Dota 1 or Dota 2. It’s a great way to get together, let out some frustrations, and possibly pick up a new hobby.

Tabletop RPGs

While possibly daunting to delve into there are tons of lightweight tabletop rpg systems out there and plenty of platforms online. Or, if you already have a group taking it online might be an interesting way for your Game Master to try out some of the programs like Roll 20. These games can fill hours and also be a great way to create memorable moments and perfect those celebrity impressions.


Hop on Skype or discord or anything else with screenshare and continue to play classic – Pictionary. The rules are the same and it’s possibly even more fun now that the enemy team isn’t trying to hog your chips while you’re trying to observe Picasso at work.

What games are you playing with friends online while social distancing? Share your favorites with us! Need a few more ideas on things to occupy your time at home? Here you go!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.