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The Last 5 Books I Read: Amanda B.

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If you’re looking for some ideas on what to read next, we’ve got you covered! In this new series we’ll be asking Splendry contributors to tell us about the last five books they read. Plus, they’ll rate them so you’ll know if they’re worth your time!
First up, we asked Amanda to share her latest reads and they ranged from teen sci-fi to parenting, with a little bit of everything in between! If you’re looking for your next great read, here are a few ideas:
what tor read next - Splendry
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What to Read Next

1. The Road Back to You

the road back to you by cron and stabile - Splendry
I loved learning about the Enneagram through this book! I am 100% a 2 and by knowing this I now understand a little more what motivates me along with what some of my struggles are. It was so eye opening and definitely made me more patient with other people since we are all motivated by different things. 5 Stars

2. Never Split the Difference

never split the difference chris voss - Splendry

Whether you are wanting to ask for a raise, negotiating on a house or have a big proposal coming up, this book can help with all of that. Chris Voss was the FBI top hostage negotiator for years and he shares some of his hostage negotiating stories along with what he learned from those experiences. It was a great read and I learned so much from it. 5 Stars

3. The Red Queen Series

red queen by victoria aveyard - Splendry

I am a huge sci-fi teen fantasy series reader and The Red Queen Series definitely fit the bill! I thought this was a well written series and was a fun read. 4 Stars

4. Siblings without Rivalry 

what to read next siblings without rivalry Faber and Mazlish - Splendry

I’ve read a variety of parenting books over the years and Siblings without Rivalry is one of my favorites. It’s easy to read and has a variety of examples to see how these techniques can be applied. This book and its advice just made sense to me and I could even see how it would have benefited my siblings and I growing up. This is one I recommend over and over again.  5 Stars        

5. Outliers 

outliers by Malcom Gladwell - Splendry

This book was an interesting read and examines what aspects contribute to different people’s success. From what makes great hockey players to why Asians are better at math, Malcolm covered so many aspects and it was all fascinating. 4 Stars
Have some ideas of your own on what to read next? Please share! And you can check out Splendry Editor, Jamie’s last five books here

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.