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Just Read: Bare Bones – I’m Not Lonely if You’re Reading this Book

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If you don’t know who Bobby Bones is let me introduce you to one of my favorite radio show hosts. Bobby Bones is the host of the hit morning radio show, “The Bobby Bones Show” on country music stations across the country. Along with his friends Amy, Lunchbox, Eddy, and Ray, they discuss current events and their daily lives. They basically make me laugh all morning long. So when Bobby released his memoir, Bare Bones, I was curious. Bobby has shared a lot about his life on air and he has a fascinating story.

A review of the book "Bare Bones" by Bobby Bones - Splendry

Bobby Estell grew up very poor in rural Arkansas to an alcoholic mom and a dad who left when he was five, so Bobby was raised by his grandmother. In his memoir he shares some funny and some humiliating stories from his childhood, along with how he got his start in radio. He viewed radio as his way out of the small town of Mountain Pine and went on to attend Henderson State University. He was the first person in his family to attend and graduate college.

What was even more interesting was how he got his start in radio. He wasn’t afraid to work for what he wanted including holding down different radio shows all while having a full class schedule. Bobby was able to blend pop, country and comedy in a way never done before on radio. He tells about his love life and even getting robbed at gun point. Bobby has interviewed some of the biggest names in country like Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, and Blake Shelton and discusses it all in his book. He will make you laugh with his stories and admire his honesty and how he still has the good values he learned growing up in small town Arkansas. This should definitely be on your reading list!

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