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Author I Love: Elizabeth Wein

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Historical fiction is by far my favorite book genre; specifically, romantic things happening to rich British people during a time of war, but I digress. What I love about historical fiction is that it can be a great jumping off point to learn more about a specific time or place. I read the Molly American Girl books when I was a kid and I’ve been obsessed with reading about World War II ever since.

Author I Love: Elizabeth Wein

code-name-verity - elizabeth wein

Elizabeth Wein writes wonderful historical fiction. She also loves to put a female protagonist into the kinds of stories that we have usually only heard from a male perspective. My favorite book of hers is Code Name Verity which tells the story of two friends serving in WWII, one as a pilot and the other working in intelligence. This is not a book you want spoilers for so just read it!!!

Warning: This book will give you major feelings, and you will not want to put it down. Also do NOT read Rose Under Fire first because while it’s not a sequel they do share a few characters and you would be majorly spoiled.

rose-under-fire - elizabeth wein

Her new book Black Dove White Raven is a departure from what she normally writes but it is also fascinating and had me researching Ethiopia after I’d only read a few pages.

Black Dove White Raven - Elizabeth Wein - Splendry

Originally published April 10, 2015

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Friday 10th of April 2015

These sound amazing! I just ordered Black Dove White Raven!

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