1 Podcasts 101

Podcasts are the new black. Well, that is how it seemed in the fall of 2014, when Serial burst onto the scene and introduced many people who had never listened to the medium. As a self-proclaimed podcast connoisseur, I was…

1 Just Listen: Memory Palace

I never listened to podcasts…until Serial. Ugh, so good! As it did for many people, Serial introduced me to the world of podcasts and I have never looked back. That being said, there are a LOT of podcasts and it…

0 Podcast Review: Beautiful Anonymous

There are 20,000 podcasts, according to Google, and new ones every day. And let’s be real, there are a lot of mediocre to bad podcasts in the world. Starting a new podcast usually takes a ramping up period as the…

0 Podcast Recommendation: Sleepover

Podcasts and radio shows explore the way other people experience life. As you wash your dishes or walk the dog, you understand their beliefs, concerns, and day-to-day life. You stretch your worldview to include more people and more experiences, which…

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