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Strangers Podcast

Podcast Review: Strangers

Strangers. With 8 billion people in the world, most folks in the world are strangers to us. The podcast, Strangers, hosted by Leah Thau, operates …
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Podcast Recommendation- Serial

Last fall, the leader in the podcast establishment, This American Life, launched a new podcast- Serial. It took the world by storm. Rather than telling individual …
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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook is a lot of things: a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family scattered around the world, a glimpse into the …
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Just Read: Everything Everything

Madeline Whitter can’t go outside. She can’t open a window; she can’t have visitors unless they go through extensive decontamination. She is sick and always …
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Book Review: The Silent Wife

A philandering man. A spurned woman. Justice sought.  Though the plot elements are classic, The Silent Wife, a novel by A.S.A. Harrison, makes it clear that …
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