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What to Do on Your Birthday: 10 Ideas that are Not a Party

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Getting older is a privilege, right? Here are some fun ideas on what to do on your birthday to make sure you have an awesome day!

It’s your birthday! It’s time to celebrate! But what if you don’t want a traditional party, with balloons and cakes and such? Never fear … There are plenty of other ways to bring loved ones together, to get in some self-care, to eat treats, to get gifts and to make your day a special and thrilling one.

What to Do on Your Birthday: 10 Ideas that are Not a Party

what to do on your birthday ideas

1. Go To The Movies

Imagine it: You and all your closest friends and family could head to the theater for a day of popcorn, candy and a new film or two. Additionally, to save some money and keep safety in mind, you could hold this movie marathon at your home, as you all pile on the couch or set up a projector in the backyard.

2. Head To An Amusement Parkamusement park - what to do on your birthday

Celebrating a birthday is all about thrills, surprises and excitement, so what better place to head than a theme park? The rides, games, prizes and food options will entertain guests of all ages.

3. Host A Spa Day

You deserve to be pampered, especially on your special day. That being said, a spa day could be a relaxing way to hang out with friends and/or family, with everyone getting manis, pedis, facials and/or massages.

4. Cheer On Your Favorite Teambaseball game - what to do on your birthday

Another idea is a sporting event. Drive to the closest national park/stadium/arena, check out a local or minor league team, or play yourselves!

5. Have A Game Night

A popular way to bring people together is through a game night. Once again, this allows you to customize the guest list, the activities and the snacks, which are an important part, for sure.

6. Take A Tripbeach trip - what to do on your birthday

If your budget and schedule allows for it, you should definitely consider going away for your birthday. Maybe you want a solo hike in the mountains. Perhaps you and your significant other could use this time to soak up the sun on a beach. You could rent out a cool Airbnb with your relatives, or you could stay in a hotel with your best buds.

7. Go To A Concert

We associate certain memories with certain songs, and from now on, you could connect your b-day and your favorite band. Yes, another suggestion is a concert, whether it is full of slow and sappy tunes or head-banging ones.

8. Head To The Bowling Alley

Indoor activities can be fun, such as an arcade or a bowling alley. Some of these places even let you rent them out for your celebrations and may even offer up free cake.

9. Become One With Nature

Those looking to reconnect with the great outdoors may want to use this time for a camping trip. This could also involve hiking, cooking out over a fire and telling ghost stories, which all sounds super fun.

10. Cash In On Freebies

Many businesses give out freebies on birthdays. You could research the spots around you that do that and spend your day going out to collect discounts on clothing items, desserts you don’t have to pay for and other sweet deals.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? We’d love to know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.