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15 Animals Storybook Birthday Party

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I have declared how much I like a good theme party in some of my other posts (feel free to peruse those HERE). So, here is another.

For my younger son’s 1st birthday I did a “Fifteen Animals” storybook theme – an adorable book by Sandra Boynton. These books were his favorite!
IMG_6101These custom invites based on the “Fifteen Animals” cover were adorable and introduced the theme. 

I used a hand-held circle punch and #1 die-cut stamp for the confetti throughout the party decor.

The cake:

THE CAKE. I mean, this fabulous creation could not be any cuter or more perfect!! My go-to cake-baking friend created this masterpiece by looking at the book cover. AND, she added the tiny 1-year-old sized cake with a fondant #1 around a candle for my son to eat.
Even the little turtle was edible!
The cake table:
The fabulous cake was displayed on my trusty bold colored tablecloth (aka shower curtain from Target turned tablecloth).
I used blue pails from Hobby Lobby for the utensils and napkins, as well as the display base for the “Fifteen Animals” book.

I re-used the red/white painted cardboard #1 that I had saved from my oldest son’s birthday, and I shredded some green paper for filler around the cake to cover the cake board.

Guest table centerpieces:
IMG_6108 IMG_6108_2 IMG_6109
I grabbed my most-used party decor accessory, the TOLSBY frames from IKEA. If you don’t have some of these you need to grab a bunch. No joke that I use them for ev-er-y-thing. Like these double-sided centerpiece pictures of my son over his first year.
To add to the “Fifteen Animals” theme, I printed out one of our invitations, then cut out each animal. I taped each on to the frame on both sides. This was so simple and didn’t cost anything!

I added some ribbon around the stem in party colors and placed them on upside down on more blue pails for height.

DIY Banner:
IMG_6111 IMG_6115
I loved this banner so much because it was made up of pics of that cute face! I labeled and printed out a picture of my son from each month in his first year.
I used a die-cut for the pennants and hole punched each one for the ribbon.
Then, I taped each picture on a pennant and done!
(Bonus: Anymore, you don’t have to have Photoshop to add text to pictures for something simple like this banner. There are plenty of apps, or even photo sharing/printing sites have this option. I’m sure you already knew that, but just sharin’ the love.)

And finally, a pic of the birthday boy because I can!
IMG_6291 IMG_6363

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.