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10 DIY Backdrop Ideas That Will Take Your Celebration Up A Notch

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There are so many things that go into making a great party: The guest list needs to be just right for the occasion. The food and drink selections must keep everyone satisfied. The atmosphere, activities and ambiance must all create a festive and welcoming environment. And the decorations need to be pretty enough to be posted all over social media!

To me, no celebration is complete without a backdrop, and there are numerous options here. If you’re looking to take your party up a notch, put your DIY skills to use and implement one of these amazing backdrops!

1. Picture Frame Backdrop

diy backdrop ideas - frame backdrop - Splendry

We probably all have old picture frames lying around, and if not, they can be purchased for next to nothing at dollar stores and garage sales. For this picture-perfect background, arrange frames in a fun way. You can have all black ones in a geometric shape, or you can use all different sizes, colors and shapes for a more eclectic look.

2. Paper Chain Backdrop

Paper chains are super easy to make, so kids can get involved on this next project: Decide on the colors or color you want used, make chains in this color/these colors, then hang up a fun and festive wall of paper chains!

diy backdrop idea - Splendry

3. Mural Backdrop

A mural is obviously a great backdrop, and you can really let your personality shine here. Some party-throwers may opt to go out and buy a fancy, oversized painting that serves as a focal point. Others may choose to let everyone graffiti a section of the wall, which then is used as the backdrop for photos. Have fun with this one!

4. Fabric & Paper Backdrop

An easy way to create a focal wall is with fabric and paper. I suggest hanging a piece of fabric or paper on the wall, then dressing it up. You can put lights behind it if it’s sheer. You can add those paper flowers or balls that are at every party store. Or you could place a word made out of balloons in front of this wall, in order to celebrate a birthday or baby or holiday.

5. Floral & Branch Backdrop

For a more minimal and natural background, go out and get inspired by nature. I love the look of a branch that has flowers or leaves tied to it, hanging down in a pretty way.

6. Knick Knack Backdrop

This next project may take a bit longer, but it is a good way to upcycle old toys or collectibles. For a child’s birthday party, for instance, a large canvas that is covered with old toys could serve as a backdrop (Just image all those old Hot Wheels and dinosaurs and Army men glued to one surface – How fun!). Or for a retirement party, you could adhere objects that represent the retiree to one wall, in order to create a 3D dedication to this person.

7. Balloon Backdrop

diy backdrop ideas - Splendry

Another easy and celebratory option is to create a background out of balloons. You can use tons of one color, you could opt for one giant colorful one, or you could use numbers, letters and shapes to send a message to guests.

8. Shower Curtain Backdrop

With DIY, affordability is key, so I urge you to create a focal point with just a shower curtain! There are so many pretty ones, so find one that matches your theme, and hang that baby up.

9. Paper Plate Backdrop

On a similar note, our stacks of colorful paper plates (that many of us have hidden in cabinets, leftover from other parties) can be put to good use. And once again, you can get creative by going with all one color, creating an ombre effect or making a rainbow out of these cheap and easy materials.

10. Book Backdrop

diy backdrop ideas - bookdrop from books - Splendry

Lastly, for a literary-inspired party, I encourage you to gather up old books, use a staple gun to attach them to boards, and utilize something like this – which we call a “bookdrop”! Plus, it makes for a pretty headboard when the party is over.

diy backdrop ideas - bookdrop from books - Splendry

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.