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Sweaters Perfect for Valentine’s Day You’ll Wear All Year Long

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Looking for some women’s Valentines shirts? We found some of the cutest, at great prices!

I’ve never been too much into holiday dressing. Not to be confused with choosing a Halloween costume, but more along the lines of say, Christmas sweaters or a brown sweater with embroidered leaves advertising thankfulness. (I just created that sweater in my mind, it’s not pretty.)

Maybe it’s age (I did just turn 40), or maybe it’s just that holiday-inspired clothing is truly getting better. Yes, I think I’ll go with that option. 

In fact, I was just at Target yesterday and their Valentine’s Day-inspired sweaters and tops literally stopped me in my tracks. 

I hit the web to see what other adorably appropriate tops I could find for Valentine’s Day, and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, there were a lot! 

A few criteria I had in my search

  1. Adorable (duh)
  2. Red, Pink, or something heart/love related
  3. Affordable (nothing over $40)
  4. Bonus – some of these definitely look Valentine’s Day-ish, but a few could easily be transitioned into looks for all year long!

Here are a few of my favorite finds that also happen to be incredibly affordable (they start at just $15)!

Women’s Valentines Shirts You’ll Fall in Love With

Womens Valentine shirts

11 Women’s Valentines Day Tops

Love is in the air! Time to dress the part with these super cute tops!

 What to pick, what to pick…such a dilemma! Which one is your favorite? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.