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There are a lot of gray areas in life. It’s quite common to feel indifferent about a lot of things (the brand of power towels you use, whether you squeeze your toothpaste from the top or the bottom, etc.). Then there are the things that seem to draw really strong reactions: Cats (seems people either love them or hate them), and most notably this time of year: Valentine’s Day.

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I’ve always really liked Valentine’s Day. And not because I was always the girl who received tons of gifts from her always-present boyfriend. In fact, quite the opposite. I,

  • never went on a real date until college (and even then they were few and far between)
  • received all Valentine’s Day gifts/flowers/candy from my parents and grandparents
  • didn’t have a “real” boyfriend until I was 24. (And I married him.)

So no, no memories of romantic dates with my high school boyfriend or secret admirers or anything like that. Just an appreciation for the fun in it all! In fact, one of my absolute favorite things about Valentine’s Day was having girl’s night. In college there would always be groups of us that would plan a big dinner and movie night. And it always included girls who actually did have boyfriends! In fact, even after I started dating my now-husband, I still preferred to spend Valentine’s Day with my friends! (And I still would now if they would quit moving away!) What I’m getting at is this: you can be one of those girls who hates Valentine’s Day (maybe you’re single, your husband doesn’t think it’s a “real” holiday, you hate candy, etc.) or you can just enjoy the one day a year the calendar tells us to show love to each other (and Hallmark makes a bajillion dollars off of us). It’s totally your call, but this year I suggest you stop hating Valentine’s Day and try one of these activities:

  • Send old school Valentine’s cards. Hit up the drugstore and find some cheap, cartoon-y cards to send to your friends. Getting a My Little Pony or Ninja Turtle card from you just might make someone’s day! (There are plenty of more sophisticated cards for adults too, if that’s more your thing.)
  • Buy some candy conversation hearts. Even if you don’t like them, they’re an easy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day! (Throw some in a glass vase and voila!)
  • Send a card or some flowers to someone who might not receive any. Think how special your elderly neighbor or the quiet girl at work would feel knowing someone thought of them!
  • Plan a girl’s night!
    • Girl’s night out: you can go for the traditional dinner and a movie or try one of those group painting classes or a concert.
    • Girl’s night in: Plan a potluck dinner and have friends come for movies, board games, crafts, or a spa night. (You can hit up the drugstore for nail polishes, facial masks, etc.) Or a couple of my favorite ideas:
      • Plan a “favorite things” party: Inviting five guests? Have each guest bring six of one of their favorite items (lipgloss, candle, candy, etc.). Every guest gets to go home with a gift basket of fun stuff! And if you want to take it back to grade-school days, have everyone decorate a paper bag to carry home their goodies!
      • Plan a clothing swap: Have friends bring items from their closet they no longer want and take turns choosing clothes to take home. A great way to clean out your closet and get some new threads!

Valentine’s Day is just that, a day. And just like every other day, only you get to determine your attitude about it! So no more anti-V Day rants and secretly hating your co-worker who received another bouquet of flowers. This year, it’s going to be GOOD!

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