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DIY Valentine’s Day Countdown Advent Calendar

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Ready for the Valentine’s Day countdown? It’s hard to believe it’s already time to celebrate (though did January seem to last about three months for anyone else?)! 

I always loved having a fun countdown to celebrate a Merry Christmas as a kid, whether it was a paper ring garland or a traditional advent calendar. Why not move this fun tradition into other holidays like Valentine’s Day?

A fun Valentine’s countdown is just what we need, and the good news is that it’s an easy idea to execute! (And one great Valentine’s gift that doesn’t require coordinating flower delivery times!) 

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft because it works for an adult OR a kid! You can make a fun DIY gift for your Valentine and your kids will also have fun making and decorating their own too.

The supplies are pretty easy to round-up, if you have some toilet paper rolls (start saving up or ask around!), construction or scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, and markers, you should be set! 

Valentine's Day Countdown - Splendry

This Valentine’s Day Countdown works like an advent calendar, designed to offer small surprises each day leading up to February 14th. Give yourself two weeks of fun anticipation of the holiday of love, what a fun way to celebrate!

Here is what you need to make your own Valentine Countdown Calendar:

    Valentine's Day Countdown supplies

    • 14 empty toilet paper rolls
    • 4 sheets of black construction paper
    • 2 sheets of pink construction paper
    • 2 sheets of red construction paper
    • 14 Foam heart stickers (could use felt heart stickers too, they just may not be as easy to write on)
    • Box measuring 16”W x 11”D x 2.5”H (I used a 24 soda can box)
    • Scissors
    • Sharpie
    • Glue gun & sticks
    • Assortment of treats/notes/surprises

    Of course you can use additional scrapbooking tools and paper accessories (stickers, heart punch, cardstock, borders, etc.) if you want to get fancy!

    How to Make a Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

    1. Using your glue gun, start by covering the box with your black construction paper.

    box covered in black paper

    paper covered box

    2. Cut your pink and red construction paper to fit over your toilet paper rolls.

    3. Glue the pink and red construction paper over your toilet paper rolls (you should have 7 pink and 7 red rolls).

    Valentine's Day Advent Calendar - Splendry

    Valentine's Day Advent Calendar - Splendry

    4. Identify your hearts with numbers 1 to 14.

    Valentine's Day advent calendar supplies

    5. Stick the hearts on their designated colored toilet paper rolls (ie. red hearts on pink rolls and purple hearts on red rolls)

    6. Fold one end of a roll, fill the tube with little treats and fold the other end. Continue by filling and closing all rolls.

    Valentine's Day Countdown - Splendry

    7. On day 14 add a special note asking the person to be your Valentine. Maybe also invite them to a cute date.

    Valentine's Note

    8. Glue all rolls to your box and you’re ready to surprise your loved one with their beautiful Valentine’s Day advent calendar.

    Valentine's Day Countdown

    Valentine's Day Countdown

    What to Put in Your Calendar

    ​Need ideas on treats and fillers?

    For kids:

    • small candies: peanut butter cups, little bags of gummy candy or skittles, chocolate kisses, suckers, etc.
    • crayons or craft supplies
    • coupon for a fun activity
    • play doh or slime containers
    • fidget toys

    For teens/adults:

    • beauty products and makeup
    • fuzzy socks
    • handmade pieces of candy or artwork
    • date idea suggestion
    • coupon for a fun activity
    • an assortment of your favorite things to share with a loved one!

    You can always hit up party stores or the dollar store to find fun treats, especially if you have more than one Valentine’s Day countdown calendar to fill! Need some filler? You can always wrap a very small item in tissue paper to take up a little more space! 

    For a more special surprise, try hitting up a local boutique or finding talented Etsy sellers who offer small made-to-order items or a whole host of fun things like jewelry, trinkets, or vintage treasures. (You can use the Etsy app to filter through items, you can search for free shipping too!) Just make sure you check your delivery dates so your items arrive in time!

    Small businesses will always appreciate their unique gifts finding a spot in your shopping cart! It may seem small to you, but it’s a big deal to them! 

    On February 1st you can start the countdown and begin opening your calendar full of fun treats as you lead up to the big day. 14 days of love and those February winter days will fly by with excitement! Just a little bit of effort and your Valentine advent calendar is sure to become a favorite tradition in your family. 

    Looking for another fun Valentine’s Day craft? How about this cute wreath? And for more fun ideas for Valentine’s Day, we have those too!

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    Monday 16th of January 2023

    so cute but i used paper instead of toilet paper toobs

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.