DIY Among Us Valentine Box


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This Among Us Valentine Box might be just what your child wants to create for their own box this year! See the step-by-step instructions below!

Do you have a young fan of the popular, multi-player video game “Among Us” like I do?

The game that made a surge toward the end of 2020 inspired my youngest son’s school Valentine’s box. His crafting tools of choice usually involve cardboard boxes and hot glue, and this self-designed Imposter is no different.

DIY Among Us Valentine Box - Splendry

“Among Us” Valentine Box Supplies

  • Cardboard box (medium – we used a shipping box we received from a delivery)
  • Cardboard box (small)
  • Styrofoam cylinder
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Spray Paint and/or acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pipe cleaner
  • **2 empty toilet paper rolls** (optional)

How to Make an “Among Us” Valentine Box

  1. First, cut your large Styrofoam cylinder in half.
  2. Using the medium sized cardboard box, cut a square that can wrap around ¾ of the diameter of the cylinder half.
  3. To create the back and top of the Imposter, use your hot glue gun to attach one edge of the box around the flat edge of the half cylinder. DIY box
  4. Make two legs by cutting two smaller squares, rolling them to touch, and glue. **An easier option would be using two toilet paper rolls.**
  5. Cut three slits in the middle, bottom back of the body and fold tabs inward. This allows for the legs to be attached.
  6. Glue the tabs together, then glue the legs to the bottom of the base created by the tabs.cardboard structure - Splendry
  7. Using the medium box again, cut a “band” to finish wrapping around the half cylinder. Glue. hot glue gun
  8. Cut another square to attach from the bottom of the body, completing the body of the Imposter. Leave an opening for the mouth. This will receive the Valentine cards.DIY box
  9. Fold a piece of cardboard in to make a small box to be used as a backpack. **Could also use a small ready-made box** making small box
  10. Spray paint the Imposter and the small cardboard box for the backpack. spraying painting Valentine's box
  11. While drying, complete the teeth and “helmet”.
  12. Cut two slender rectangles. Cut jagged edges on one side of each rectangle for teeth. Paint. painting teeth
  13. Paint remaining cylinder half for the “helmet”. My son used a lighter blue with a white spot as a reflection. painting Styrofoam
  14. Once the body is dry, glue the helmet onto the top, front band (forehead). DIY Valentine Box - Splendry
  15. Glue each set of teeth to the underside of the top and bottom of the mouth. attaching teeth to box
  16. Next, attach your small box to back of Imposter using hot glue gun. DIY Among Us Valentine Box - Splendry
  17. Glue a pipe cleaner to the bottom, inside of the mouth to make a tongue. DIY Among Us Valentine Box - Splendry
  18. Take to school and receive lots of Valentines into the mouth of your Imposter! 

Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas for kids? How about this cool advent countdown calendar!

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