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The Best Thanksgiving Party Activities for 2023

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Need some great ideas for Thanksgiving party activities? We’ve got them! From fun creative activities for the whole family, to a trivia game you can play around the Thanksgiving table, these fun ideas will be perfect for the holiday season. 

As the crisp autumn air settles in and the aroma of roasting turkey fills our homes, it can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is around the corner! While the feast is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the celebration, why not add a dash of extra joy with some unique and memorable Thanksgiving party activities?

In this guide, I’ve curated a list of 20 activities that blend fun, creativity, and affordability to ensure your Thanksgiving gathering is an absolute hit. From traditional favorites with a twist to innovative new ideas, let’s make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Whether you need ideas for Thanksgiving day before or after your meal, or want to plan a Thanksgiving get-together at work or with friends, these Thanksgiving party ideas will add fun and creativity to the festivities. 

20 Thanksgiving Party Activities

Thanksgiving party activities - Splendry

Elevate your Thanksgiving gathering with these creative and affordable party activities that promise laughter, connection, and lasting memories. From DIY crafts to interactive games, discover the perfect mix to make your Thanksgiving celebration truly unforgettable. The dining table only be one part of all the fun memories made on the big day!

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1. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Encourage an attitude of gratitude with a scavenger hunt that combines fun and thankfulness. Create a list of items related to Thanksgiving or things everyone is grateful for, hide them around your home or yard, and let the quest for gratitude begin! This is a great way to get the whole family involved!

2. Pumpkin Decorating Station

children decorating pumpkins

Thanksgiving crafts for the win! Set up a pumpkin decorating station with an array of paints, markers, and accessories. Let guests unleash their artistic talents on these fall favorites, creating unique, personalized pumpkins to take home as delightful keepsakes of your quality time together.

3. Thanksgiving Karaoke

couple singing karaoke

Turn up the volume and let the good times roll with a Thanksgiving-themed karaoke night. Compile a playlist of festive tunes and encourage guests to showcase their vocal prowess. Bonus points for incorporating Thanksgiving-themed lyrics! If you’re short on Thanksgiving song ideas, opt for Christmas carols, it’s time for that anyway!

4. Recipe Swap and Tasting

person cooking using a cook book

Encourage a culinary exchange by organizing a recipe swap. Guests can bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish along with the recipe to share. Create a tasting station, allowing everyone to savor a variety of delectable creations. This would be fun for the entire family, or team members at work! Make sure everyone brings copies of their recipes to share! 

5. Turkey Trot Relay

Want a fun game that gets everyone up and moving? Set up a relay course in your backyard, complete with turkey-inspired obstacles. It’s a hilarious and active way to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit. Who will cross the finish line first? If you’re not in the mood for an organized run, a game of Turkey Tag instead will be just as fun, especially for the little turkeys in the family! 

6. DIY Thankful Tree

DIY kindness tree

Craft a beautiful centerpiece for your gathering with a DIY Thankful Tree. Provide guests with paper leaves to write down what they’re thankful for and attach each piece of paper to the tree. As the evening progresses, watch the tree blossom with gratitude. Our Kindness Tree will show you how easy it is to make! This is a fun activity and gives you a glimpse of the best part of Thanksgiving.

7. Thanksgiving Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of Thanksgiving traditions with a spirited trivia competition. Include questions about historical events, pop culture references, and quirky facts about the first Thanksgiving and the holiday. Award small prizes for the most knowledgeable participants. If you’ve got a large group, you could easily split into teams and let them discuss their answers. 

8. Thanksgiving Piñata

Add a festive touch with a turkey, leaf, or even cranberry-shaped piñata filled with Thanksgiving-themed treats. Let the kids (and kids at heart) take turns trying to crack it open, spreading joy and laughter throughout the celebration. Plus, it’s the perfect time to take out any frustrations with your family (haha, that never happens, right?)!

9. Photo Booth Extravaganza

child holding up props in photo booth

Create lasting memories with a Thanksgiving-themed photo booth. Set up a backdrop with autumnal decorations, props, and signs. Your guests will have a blast posing for pictures, capturing the essence of the celebration. Grab some pilgrim hats, a fake turkey leg, feather boa, or whatever you want! 

10. Family Recipe Cook-Off

family preparing food together

Celebrate the diversity of family recipes by hosting a friendly cook-off. Ask guests to prepare their favorite Thanksgiving dish and have a tasting session. Not only does this activity showcase culinary talents, but it also reinforces the sense of family and community. Now you’ve got new recipes for Thanksgiving dinner!

11. Cornucopia of Thanks Craft

Provide guests with mini cornucopias and small pieces of paper. Have them write down things they’re thankful for, then fill the cornucopias with these gratitude notes. It not only makes for a beautiful centerpiece for the dinner table, but also serves as a wonderful reminder of the blessings everyone shares. Want to add an element of fun? Turn it into a gratitude game! If everyone agrees, see how well you can remember the list of things people are thankful for. 

12. Autumn Wreath Making

autumn wreath

Set up a crafting station with materials like twigs, leaves, and small decorative items. Guests can channel their inner artist to create personalized autumn wreaths. If you’ve got children around you could include kid friendly things like paper wreaths, pom poms, tissue paper, and craft glue. (Or grab one of these kits!) These DIY decorations can adorn their homes long after the Thanksgiving celebration. 

13. Thanksgiving Bingo

Put a Thanksgiving twist on the classic game of Bingo by creating cards with autumnal images or Thanksgiving words. Play multiple rounds, and reward winners with small, festive prizes. It’s a low-key and enjoyable activity for all ages. If you play this before your Thanksgiving feast the first player to Bingo gets the first cut of turkey!

14. Harvest Moon Movie Night

Create an outdoor movie screening area with blankets and cushions. Pick classic Thanksgiving movies or family favorites, and enjoy a cozy “Harvest Moon” movie night under the starlit sky. You could even have a few options of films and let the first person who wins another one of the games you play choose their favorite! Don’t forget the popcorn!

15. Cider Tasting Bar

apple cider

Set up a cider tasting station with a variety of apple and pumpkin-flavored ciders. Include cinnamon sticks, caramel drizzles, candy corn, and whipped cream as toppings. It’s a delicious and cozy way for guests to sample different fall flavors. A great way to cap off a big meal too!

16. Thanksgiving Charades

Put a Thanksgiving spin on the classic game of charades by creating a list of holiday-themed words or phrases. (Everything from a turkey to Charlie Brown trying to kick a football!) Guests take turns acting out these Thanksgiving-related prompts, adding lots of laughs to the celebration. 

17. Family History Storytelling

Encourage guests to share their family’s Thanksgiving traditions and stories. Create a cozy storytelling corner where everyone can take turns recounting cherished memories, creating a sense of connection and understanding among the group of family members. It might be a great time to use the voice recorder on your phone to make sure you have these special stories recorded to share for years to come. 

18. Pie Baking Challenge

assortment of pies

Transform the kitchen into a pie-baking battleground with a friendly competition. Provide various pie crusts, fillings, and toppings, and let guests create their masterpiece. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, the ideas are endless! Judges or fellow attendees can sample and vote on the most delicious creation. Thanksgiving Day dessert just got even better! (If you need ideas for holiday pies we have plenty!)

19. Harvest-Themed Pictionary

family playing Pictionary

Combine artistic skills with a love for the season by playing a round of Harvest-themed Pictionary. Use a whiteboard or large sheets of paper to let the creativity flow as players sketch out autumnal scenes and Thanksgiving symbols. Need ideas for what to draw? Try this list of Thanksgiving words. The first team to win gets the first slice of pie!

20. Leaf Pile Jump

children playing in leaves

If your Thanksgiving celebration includes outdoor space, gather a pile of leaves for a classic leaf-jumping activity. This simple, joyous tradition is perfect for both kids and adults, bringing out the playful spirit of the season. Plus, it’s a good excuse to not have to rake and bag leaves!

This Thanksgiving, brighten up your celebration with these 20 festive activities that promise to infuse joy and connection into your gathering. Whether you’re indulging in a lively game of Thanksgiving trivia or unleashing creativity with a pumpkin decorating station, these activities are sure to create cherished moments.

As you gather with loved ones, remember that the true essence of Thanksgiving lies in the shared laughter, gratitude, and the warmth of togetherness. May your holiday be filled with joy, delicious food, and memories that last a lifetime.

Have your own recommendations? What Thanksgiving party activities do you suggest?

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