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Tips To Make Your House BOOtiful This Halloween

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Halloween will be here before we know it, and for many of us, that means it is time to put up the spooky decor! Black cats, ghosts and goblins, Frankenstein monsters, cauldrons of candy…There are many images that come to mind when thinking of how to transform a home into a haunted mansion.

And no matter your budget or style, the tips below can definitely help make your home BOOtiful this Halloween!

Halloween decorating - Splendry

Tip #1 – Get organized before you begin placing.

My first tip is to think about the placement of your Halloween decorations. You want every room to be festive – especially if you are having friends over for a party. You will want to lay out all your items and try to make sure that each room has something that hangs (like a funny sign on the wall), something big (that serves as a focal point) and at least one smaller item, such as a pumpkin here and there or a fall candle somewhere.


Tip #2 – Get inspired by movies.

One of the biggest aspects of the Halloween season is horror films, and these can serve as some great inspiration when it comes to decorating. There are pillows that have the same pattern as the famed carpet in The Shining. There are wall hangings that look like Freddy Krueger’s clawed hands or Pennywise’s hand holding a red balloon.

Halloween decorating - Splendry

But if you don’t have a large budget, you can DIY it, too! This tree was purchased at a discount after Christmas, and it is covered in tiny black crows – which were super cheap at a local craft store and which remind everyone of how creepy The Birds is!

Tip #3 – Get creative.

Speaking of DIY projects, there are lots of ways to let your creativity shine when it comes to holiday decor. Yes, we’d all love to have those life-size, animatronic decorations from big-name stores…but these made-at-home items are cool, too! Toys and some string made to look like spiders escaping down their web…A mannequin head and some cheesecloth made to look like a ghost during a seance…Some birdhouses and some black paint made to look like a haunted village…The possibilities are endless!

Halloween decorating - Splendry

Tip #4 – Get some of YOU in this BOOtiful home.

My final tip is about your personality; if you are one who takes the time to decorate for Halloween, then you need to let that festive spirit shine! If you are a Texas Longhorn fan, incorporate burnt orange decor into your house. If you adore cats, make sure each room shows off at least one black cat. If pink is your favorite color, know that pink pumpkins are a thing. 

You may be organized or not. You could have a huge collection or just a few decorations. You may not like spooky movies yet enjoy putting up cute pumpkins and friendly ghosts during this time of the year. No matter how you celebrate, remember to have fun with it, and have a happy Halloween season!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.