3 Seriously Spooky (and Easy!) DIY Halloween Decorations


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Halloween is a spooky and kooky time of the year, when people dress up in costumes, go door-to-door for candy, visit haunted houses, watch scary movies and decorate their homes in creepy/cool ways. 

Stores have their aisles filled up with Halloween items, and the black cat figurines, witchy signs, kitchen tools covered in monsters/creatures, black/orange candles, and more draw people in, as lovers of this holiday can find it hard to turn down decor. 

Whether a person is looking to save a couple of bucks on Halloween decorations, create a one-of-a-kind piece or add in more personal touches to their homes during this time of the year, DIY projects can be a smart idea. They are generally created with products that are either already owned or can be picked up for cheap at dollar/craft stores. They allow families to get creative while decorating, and they result in super neat pieces that can be shown off in real life and online. 

3 DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations - Splendry

Three DIY Halloween decorations include a Séance Head, a Halloween Village and a Pumpkin Diorama, and below are the tools and steps needed to create all three!

Séance Head

A séance may be performed in order to communicate with spirits, and a Halloween fanatic can have a nod to this ritual by making a Séance Head. This project is super easy, and it offers up an eerie decoration.

Needed Items:

  • Foam mannequin head
  • Cheesecloth
  • Battery-powered tealights 

seance head - DIY Halloween - Splendry

Necessary Steps:

  • Simply cover the head with the cheesecloth.
  • Place a couple of the fake candles under and around the cheesecloth.
  • Turn them on in the dark, and watch this séance head appear to float, while glowing on a table or a countertop… and while clearly trying to talk to those on the other side.

DIY Seance Head - Splendry

Halloween Village

There are intricate and elaborate Halloween villages that exist and that are for sale, and they can cost a pretty penny. Make this version at home for a ghostly setup during this time of the year.

DIY Halloween Decor - Splendry

Needed Items:

  • Miniature houses, castles and birdhouses (available at craft stores)
  • Black paint
  • Battery-powered tealights 

Necessary Steps:

  • After collecting a variety of little houses that will make up the village, paint them all black.
  • Next, just set them up in a fun way, such as across a fireplace mantle or on top of a bookshelf that has hills and valleys created in it (To do this, use books and other items to create different levels. Then, cover everything in black fabric, before placing the village on top of it all.).
  • Feel free to add touches, such as a flickering light inside one of the buildings, a cemetery next to one or a couple of tiny black birds on top of one. 

DIY Halloween Decor - Splendry

Pumpkin Diorama

A diorama shows off a mini version of a scene, and during Halloween, a chilling one can be placed inside a pumpkin!

DIY Halloween Decor - Splendry

Needed Items:

  • Hollowed-out pumpkin (which can be created by cutting into a real pumpkin or a foam one or which can be purchased like this, as there are pumpkin-shaped candy dishes)
  • Miniature village items (which will create the scene inside the pumpkin)

Necessary Steps:

  • Simply set up the village scene inside the pumpkin.
  • Feel free to adhere the figures such as little skeletons, haunted houses and tombstones to the bottom of the pumpkin and to glue the things like little moons and witches on broomsticks to the top of the pumpkin.
  • Set it out, show it off, and have a happy Halloween!

So many fun ideas! And if you need a few more, how about these Hallween dollar store ideas?

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