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Free Printable Activities Perfect for Father’s Day

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Discover fun and free printable Father’s Day activities for preschoolers! Engage young children with questionnaires about Dad, a creative coupon book, a matching game, and an adorable coloring page. Perfect for celebrating dads and father figures on their special day while boosting fine motor skills and creativity.

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate all the awesome dads and father figures out there. It’s the perfect time to show them some love and make great memories together. Getting young children involved in the festivities is a fantastic way to make the day even more special. Plus, it’s a fun way for them to work on their fine motor skills and get creative!

Free Printable Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Happy Father's Day Free Printables cover page with photos of four printables

In this post, we’ve got a bunch of free printables that are perfect for Father’s Day fun with preschoolers. From a cool questionnaire about Dad to a creative coupon book, a super fun matching game, and an adorable coloring page, there’s something for everyone.

These activities are easy to set up and are a great way for kids to show their love and appreciation. Let’s make this Father’s Day unforgettable with these awesome printables! Read on for a description of all the printable options or scroll to the end of the post for the complete list.

Father’s Day is all about quality time and creating special memories with Dad. One of the best Father’s Day activities for preschoolers is filling out a fun questionnaire all about Dad. It’s not just a simple activity; it turns into a personalized Father’s Day card and a keepsake that Dad will treasure forever.

Father’s Day Questionnaires:

Our free printable questionnaires are packed with fun ideas to get kids talking about their favorite guy. It includes questions like “What does Dad do at work?” and “Why do you love Dad?” These questions help kids express their feelings and create a unique Father’s Day gift that’s straight from the heart. You can easily download and print the questionnaire of your choice, and it’s designed to be colorful and engaging for young children.

father's day questionairre

Some tips to make this activity a hit:

  • Get Cozy: Sit down with your little one in a comfortable spot to fill out the questionnaire together. It’s a great way to spend quality time and bond.
  • Be Patient: Preschoolers might need a bit of help with writing or understanding some questions, so take your time and enjoy the process.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Encourage kids to draw pictures or add stickers to make their Father’s Day card extra special.
  • Surprise Element: Present the completed questionnaire as a surprise gift on Father’s Day morning. It’s a heartfelt way to start the celebrations!

father's day activities for preschoolers - printable questionairre

By turning these simple questionnaires into a fun and thoughtful Father’s Day gift, you’re not only making Dad’s day but also teaching your child the joy of giving and expressing love.

Coupon Book for Dad

printable coupons Father's Day gift

Looking for a fun activity that results in a special gift for Dad? A DIY coupon book is the perfect answer! It’s one of those fun crafts that preschoolers will love making, and it’s a heartfelt Father’s Day gift that Dad will enjoy using. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can help your child create a personalized coupon book full of fun ideas to help Dad and make his day extra special.

Our free printable coupon book includes a variety of pre-made coupons like “Help with Car Wash,” “Help with Yard,” and more. Each coupon is designed with cute illustrations and there’s a bonus page for kids to add their own drawings or messages. To get started, simply download, print, and cut out the coupons. You’ll also need some glue sticks to assemble the book. Dad will love this great gift!

Here’s how to make this fun craft project a breeze:

  • Gather Supplies: You’ll need the printed coupons, glue sticks, scissors, and some construction paper or cardstock to create a sturdy cover for the book.
  • Assemble the Book: Help your child cut out the coupons and use the glue sticks to attach them to the construction paper. You can create a little booklet by stacking the coupons and stapling or binding them together.
  • Decorate: You can print the included cover page, or if you prefer to cut out the coupons individually, encourage your child to decorate their own cover and each coupon. They can use crayons, markers, stickers, or anything else they like. This adds a personal touch and makes the coupon book even more special.
  • Fun Activities for the Coupons: Think of additional fun activities to add to the coupons (there’s a blank page for that!). Custom ideas like “Picnic with Dad,” “Backyard Campout,” or “Bike Ride Together” can make the book even more unique and thoughtful.
  • Presentation: Have your child present the coupon book to Dad on Father’s Day morning. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, as Dad can redeem the coupons for quality time and fun activities with his child.

By turning this simple project into a creative and personalized gift, you’re not only giving Dad something special but also teaching your child the joy of giving and the importance of helping Dad. This coupon book is sure to bring smiles and create lasting memories.

Father’s Day Matching Game:

When it comes to fun and educational Father’s Day activities, a matching game is a hit with preschoolers and kids of all ages . Matching games are fantastic for developing memory and recognition skills, especially during those crucial early years. Plus, they offer the perfect opportunity for family members to join in the fun and bond over a simple, engaging game.Father's Day Matching game free printable

Our free printable matching games features images related to Father’s Day, such as ties, mustaches, and socks. Each card is designed with vibrant colors and playful illustrations that capture the spirit of the day. To get started, simply download and print the matching game set, and then cut out the individual cards. It’s easy peasy! 

Here’s how to make the most of this fun Father’s Day activity:

Memory Match:

  • Prep the Game: Print out two sets of the matching memory game cards. Help your child cut out the cards carefully. For durability, you can laminate the cards or use cardstock. 
  • Game Setup: Shuffle the cards and lay them face down in a grid. The size of the grid can vary depending on the child’s age and skill level.
  • How to Play: Players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, trying to find a matching pair. If a match is found, the player keeps the cards and takes another turn. If not, the cards are flipped back over, and the next player takes a turn.
  • Involve Family Members: Encourage all family members to join in. It’s a wonderful way for siblings, parents, and even grandparents to interact with the preschooler. The more, the merrier!
  • Make It Fun: Keep the atmosphere light and fun. Celebrate each match with a cheer or a high-five. This keeps the preschooler motivated and engaged.

Matching Game

  • For the matching game, print one copy and use a pencil or crayon to complete. If you’d like to reuse the game, you could laminate and use dry erase markers.

matching game printable - Father's Day printable activities for preschoolers

Playing this matching game not only enhances memory and cognitive skills but also creates precious moments of laughter and connection. It’s a great opportunity and delightful way to make Father’s Day special for everyone involved.

By incorporating these matching games into your Father’s Day celebrations, you’re providing an enjoyable and educational activity that supports your child’s development and brings the whole family together.

That’s an overview of what’s available, and now if you’re ready to print, let’s go! Pick your favorite(s) and just download and print! These would be great activities for homeschool groups, Bible school classes, daycares or classroom time. 

FREE Printable Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers (and Kids of All Ages!)

If you’d like to print all the questionnaires and games at once, you can do that here

Celebrating Father’s Day with preschoolers is all about creating heartfelt memories and enjoying quality time together. These free printables offer a range of fun and engaging activities that are perfect for this special occasion.

Whether it’s through a personalized questionnaire, a creative coupon book, a lively matching game, or an adorable coloring page, each activity provides a unique way for young children to express their love and appreciation.

These printable activities not only make great Father’s Day gifts but also help children develop important skills. A sweet message from a child’s heart, a handmade coupon book full of fun promises, or a matching game enjoyed by the whole family are all wonderful ways to make Dad feel cherished.

These simple yet thoughtful gestures will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and make Father’s Day truly unforgettable. So, gather your supplies, download the printables, and get ready to celebrate Dad with these sweet and easy projects!

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