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50+ Things to Put in Easter Eggs (That aren’t Candy!)

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Looking for some new filler ideas for those plastic Easter eggs? We’ve got non-candy items for you to try this Easter season!

Alright, so picture this: Easter egg hunts, right? Total blast. Kids running around like crazy, searching for those colorful eggs like they’re on a mission. And what’s usually inside those plastic eggs? Candy, of course! But hold up, what if we switched things up a bit?

Here, I’m ditching the sweets and diving into the world of non-candy Easter egg fillers. I’ve got over 50 cool ideas that’ll make your egg hunt stand out. From tiny toys to crafty stuff and even educational goodies, I have something for every kind of egg hunter.

plastic Easter eggs with text reading "Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas"

But why go non-candy, you ask? Well, I’ve got plenty of reasons. I’m talking about catering to those with food allergies (like my son) and/or just shaking things up for the fun of it. Plus, as with any holiday, there are PLENTY of options for a sugar fix. (Maybe try one of these yummy sweet treats!)

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or just someone planning an epic egg hunt, stick with me. I’m about to make your Easter egg hunt the talk of the town. Let’s get cracking and explore the awesome world of non-candy Easter egg fillers!

Whether you’re planning for a big egg hunt, or just looking to fill some eggs for the Easter baskets, these ideas will help you think outside the box, whether you have little kids or older kids, teen boys or girls, or older, too!

50 Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

basket with plastic Easter eggs

As always, make sure the items you have aren’t a choking hazard for younger kids! 

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I’ll break things up a bit by category, things like small toys, craft supplies, etc. Remember, those are small eggs (for small children), so they need to be…small items! Some of the items below are actually plastic eggs with the items already inside, SO easy!

What to Put in Easter Eggs for Kids (That’s Not Candy!)

  1. Toys and Trinkets
  2. Crafts and Activities
  3. Educational Items
  4. Seasonal and Spring-themed Items
  5. Outdoor Fun
  6. Personalized Tokens

Toys and Trinkets

  1. Miniature figurines (animals, dinosaurs, superheroes, etc.) – the perfect size for a little egg!
  2. Bouncy balls
  3. Temporary tattoos or stickers
  4. Mini Egg Parachute Toys
  5. Mini Construction Vehicles
  6. Finger puppets
  7. Mini puzzles, puzzle pieces,  or brain teasers
  8. Tiny LEGO or building block sets
  9. Bath toys
  10. Mario toys

plastic eggs in grass

Crafts & Activities

Some of these might fit better in some of the jumbo eggs!

  1. DIY friendship bracelets or bead kits
  2. Mini coloring books or coloring pages
  3. Painting Set
  4. Origami paper and instructions
  5. Sidewalk Chalk
  6. Decorative stickers or foam shapes for crafting
  7. Small packets of modeling clay or playdough
  8. Scratch art kits
  9. Pipe cleaners and googly eyes for creating Easter-themed crafts
  10. Kinetic Sand

Educational Items

  1. Miniature flashcards with letters, numbers, or shapes
  2. Small magnifying glasses for exploring nature
  3. Miniature books or booklets with fun facts or puzzles
  4. Gemstones and Rocks
  5. Miniature science experiments or kits
  6. Math counters or manipulatives
  7. Educational bookmarks with interesting facts or trivia
  8. Small musical instruments like harmonicas or whistles
  9. Puzzle cubes or brain teasers
  10. Foreign language flashcards or phrase cards for language learning

These educational fillers combine fun and learning, making them a hit for kids and parents alike during Easter egg hunts!

Easter basket with plastic Easter eggs

Seasonal or Spring-Themed Items

  1. Flower seeds or seed bombs for planting
  2. Miniature flower pots
  3. Butterfly or ladybug temporary tattoos
  4. Small packets of bubbles or bubble wands
  5. Spring-themed stickers or decals
  6. Bird or butterfly-shaped erasers
  7. Miniature wind-up toys in the shape of animals or flowers
  8. Pastel-colored hair accessories like clips or scrunchies
  9. Spring-themed cookie cutters
  10. Miniature birdhouses or bird feeders

These seasonal and spring-themed fillers capture the essence of the season and add an extra dose of cheer to your Easter egg hunt!

plastic Easter eggs

Outdoor Items

  1. Miniature plastic animals for nature exploration
  2. Small packets of wildflower seeds for planting
  3. Mini bubbles
  4. Miniature compasses for adventure seekers
  5. Whistles or bird calls for outdoor exploration
  6. Miniature binoculars for birdwatching or nature walks
  7. Nature scavenger hunt lists or cards
  8. Water balloons or water squirters for outdoor water fun
  9. Miniature kite kits or flying discs

These outdoor items will inspire kids to get outside and explore nature while enjoying their Easter egg hunt!

plastic Easter eggs

Personalized Items

Here are some examples of personalized tokens perfect for filling Easter eggs. Definitely more suitable for small family or friend-sized egg hunts or baskets!

  1. Customized keychains with the recipient’s name or initials
  2. Personalized mini notebooks or journals
  3. Custom-made friendship bracelets with individualized colors or patterns
  4. Miniature photo frames with a special picture or message inside
  5. Handwritten notes or letters from the Easter bunny or friends
  6. Customized stickers or decals featuring the recipient’s favorite characters or interests
  7. DIY coupon books with personalized favors or activities redeemable by the recipient
  8. Miniature personalized puzzles with a photo or message printed on them
  9. Customized magnets featuring the recipient’s name or favorite quotes
  10. Personalized bookmarks with a special message or design.

These personalized tokens add a thoughtful and unique touch to your Easter egg hunt, making each egg feel extra special to the recipient!

Ideas for Teens (and Adults!)

1. Lip gloss or lip balm

​2. Mini nail polish

3. hair ties

4. homemade coupons (get out of chores, extra time on the Nintendo Switch, etc.)

5. Silly Putty

6. Bouquet Building Blocks

7. Fidget Toys

8. Bath bombs

9. Face Masks

10. Gift Cards

And of course, cash is always a hit!

Egg hunts will definitely be so much fun this year! If you have ideas for more fun Easter egg fillers, please let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.