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55 Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Pages for Free

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Explore our collection of free bunny coloring pages perfect for Easter! Engage kids of all ages with printable PDF files featuring adorable bunny designs. Let creativity bloom this Easter season!

As Easter approaches, the air fills with excitement, anticipation, and the sweet promise of spring. It’s a time when families gather to celebrate the joyous occasion, adorned with colorful Easter eggs and the whimsical presence of the Easter Bunny. To add an extra touch of delight to your festivities, we’ve curated a collection of free printable bunny coloring pages that are perfect for the season. 

Free Bunny Coloring Pages, Perfect for Easter!

collage of bunny coloring pages

Whether you’re searching for engaging activities for older kids, creative outlets for little kids, or simply seeking Easter-themed fun for kids of all ages, we’ve got you covered! These delightful designs come in convenient PDF files, making them easily accessible for all. So, gather your crayons, markers, and imagination, and let’s embark on a colorful journey filled with Easter magic and bunny-themed joy.

How to use these Easter coloring pages

Whether you use these at home for personal use, or in the classroom, here are some ideas on using these free coloring printables!

  1. Easter Decorating: Print out the coloring pages on sturdy paper and let kids color them in. Once they’re done, they can be used to decorate the house or classroom for Easter celebrations. Hang them on walls, string them up as bunting, or even use them as placemats for Easter dinner.
  2. Easter Cards: Have children color the pages and then fold them to create Easter cards for friends and family. They can write special messages inside, making each card a personalized Easter greeting. coloring page of bunny holding carrot with text reading "Happy Easter!"
  3. Storytelling Props: After coloring, cut out the bunny characters and use them as props for storytelling activities. Children can create their own Easter tales using the characters they’ve colored.
  4. Easter Basket Tags: Cut out the colored pages into smaller sizes and use them as tags for Easter baskets. Write the recipient’s name on the back or have children write their own messages before attaching them to the baskets.
  5. Classroom Collaborative Mural: Print out several copies of the same coloring page and let each child color a section. Once finished, assemble the pages to create a collaborative Easter mural for the classroom wall.
  6. Fine Motor Skills Practice: Coloring is a great activity for developing fine motor skills in younger kids. Encourage them to stay within the lines and use different colors to enhance coordination and creativity. coloring page of bunny hiding in Easter basket surrounded by Easter eggs.
  7. Easter-themed Activities: Incorporate the coloring pages into other Easter-themed activities, such as scavenger hunts, egg decorating contests, or Easter story readings.
  8. Educational Extension: Use the coloring pages as a springboard for learning about rabbits, Easter traditions around the world, or even as a prompt for creative writing exercises.

These ideas can add extra fun and educational value to using the free coloring pages both at home and in the classroom!

Collage of four Easter bunny themed coloring pages with text "50+ Bunny Coloring Pages" from

Supplies needed

  • Your Free Coloring Pages (print the PDF here)
  • Coloring tools! Use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to create works of art
  • Optional art supplies like
    • cotton balls (for cute bunny tails)
    • glitter
    • googly big eyes
    • material like velvet to make soft rabbit’s ears
    • small twigs for a basket of eggs
    • ribbon for long ears
    • torn tissue paper for colorful eggs
    • Etc.!

We have easy outlines of a cute Easter bunny for your little guy, or more detailed patterns of bunny masks or an Easter Egg printable sheet for older kids. Find the best fits for your family, friends, or classroom activity. There is a perfect Easter bunny coloring sheet for whatever you need!

Easter bunny holding banner reading "Happy Easter"

As we wrap up our Easter celebration, we hope these Easter bunny coloring pages have added a splash of color and joy to your festivities. From intricate designs for older kids to adorable baby rabbits perfect for young children, there are cute bunny coloring pages to enchant every member of the family.

Print Your Pages 

Don’t forget to tuck some completed bunny coloring sheets into your Easter basket, a delightful addition to any Easter morning surprise! And remember, the fun doesn’t end here – feel free to revisit these free coloring pages whenever you need a dose of cute bunny inspiration. Wishing you and your little ones a hoppy Easter filled with creativity and endless smiles!

Looking for some more Easter fun? We have more fun activities for you to celebrate the season. 

These free printable pictures are for non-commercial use only and are not to be sold.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.