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Easy Holiday Traditions When You’re Too Busy/Tired for Holiday Traditions

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The holiday season brings about cheery songs, big meals, family get-togethers, cozy scents, twinkling lights…and all of that can require a lot of time, energy and money!

Don’t get us wrong: We love this time of the year, but we are only human. And we understand you tired mamas, you overworked boss babes and you just-feeling-kind-of-lazy ladies. We know you want to soak up this time and make the best of it, but we know that a messy bun, the couch and Netflix can sound more appealing than yet another holiday party.

If this is all resonating with you, then we have some suggestions. If you still want some easy holiday traditions in your life during this time of the year, you should try the following – which won’t break your back, break the bank or cause yet another breakdown!

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If you are looking to have a peaceful holiday season, there are some more relaxing and more serene traditions. Some of these ideas are…

  • Baking – Being in the kitchen can relax some people, and this will give you an excuse to whip up and eat yummy Christmas cookies! Plus, if you do have to muster up the energy to go to a family dinner or office party, you can show off your cooking skills after a relaxing baking session.
  • Giving Back – Life can be super stressful, so use the holiday season as a time to give back, volunteer and donate. It is like medicine for the soul and is sure to recharge you a bit.
  • Opening an Advent Calendar – Advent calendar are a fun holiday tradition, as you can count down the days until Christmas and get a little gift each day – which you deserve!
  • Looking at Lights – Whether you are with your loved ones or by yourself, you can enjoy the Christmas lights each year, which is a low-key tradition that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

If you have kids, you may want more family-oriented traditions, such as…

  • Making Gingerbread Houses – This is another fun kitchen activity that leads to a sweet result!
  • Caroling – If you are looking to get out and about with your family/kids, go caroling from door to door, in order to spread the Christmas cheer.
  • Ice Skating – Similarly, you guys could all go ice skating – Fun!
  • Writing Santa – And, of course, everyone must write to Santa at the North Pole, asking for certain presents and checking to see how the reindeer are doing.

And in general, those looking for “lazy” holiday traditions should try…

  • Hanging an Ornament – If you want your tree to be even more festive, go online, pick out a new ornament each year, have it shipped to you, then add it to the tree.
  • Sending Cards – Whether or not you will be seeing friends and family this holiday season, a tradition that doesn’t require too much is sending holiday cards.
  • Wearing PJs – Another common activity is getting new pajamas each year; curling up in some soft PJs, watching Hallmark movies, drinking hot cocoa…What could be better?!
  • Watching Movies – And if you are already going to be watching holiday flicks, turn it into a tradition! Watch the same couple of movies every year, buy a new DVD annually, or view a certain film on Christmas Eve.
  • Gifting Yourself – Open all your presents early or at least one on Christmas Eve. Splurge on something you’ve really been wanting. Take off early and go get a massage. Eat out at a restaurant on Christmas Day and let someone else do the cooking/cleaning. You work hard, so we urge you to treat yourself this holiday season. And who knows: It just may become a tradition. <3

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.